New Co-Op Commander: Tosh

Tosh, the Spectre Leader:

  • Recommended for experienced players
  • Control Tosh and his army of enhanced super soldiers
  • Use the psionic energy to augment both offensive and defensive capabilities


  1. Shadow Marine - General-purpose infantry.
  2. Enforcer - Heavy assault infantry. Effective against light and armored targets.
  3. Phantom Reaper - Raider. Can jump up and down cliffs. Effective against workers and structures.
  4. Spec Ops Spectre - Inflitration unit. Can Cloak, Ultrasonic Pulse, Psionic Lash, and calling down a nuke. Can research Consumption to sacrifice an ally’s portion of health for energy.
  5. Elite Diamondback - Light anti-armor vehicle. Can fire on the move.
  6. Aveyond Warhound - Heavy assault walker. Has a powerful anti-armor railgun.
  7. Firefly - Suicidal flying drone. Deals massive damage against ground and air targets.
  8. Rejuvenator - Aerial support transport. Can Load and Unload units and heals mechanical and biological targets. Detector.
  9. Valkyrie - Heavy air superiority fighter. Deals area damage against groups of air units. Can also launch an EMP missile to drain shields and energy.


  1. Combat Drugs - Allows infantry units to rapidly restore health when not in combat.
  2. Infernal Rounds (Level 4) - Increases the damage overtime to Enforcers by +3 seconds.
  3. D8 Charge (Level 4) - Allows Phantom Reapers to attack structures.
  4. Infantry Weapons and Armor - Increases the damage and armor of infantry units.
  5. Enhanced Auto Turret (Level 3) - Increases the life of Auto Turrets by 50 and damage by 10.
  6. Titanium Housing (Level 7) - Increases the life of Terran structures by 50 and armor by 3.
  7. Psionic Reveal (Level 7) - Allows Psionic Wells to detect cloaked units.
  8. Shaped Hull (Level 9) - Increases the life of Elite Diamondbacks by 50.
  9. Tri-Lithium Cell (Level 9) - Increases the attack range of Elite Diamondbacks by 1.
  10. Magrail Stabilizer (Level 9) - Increases the attack damage of Aveyond Warhounds by 1.
  11. Vehicle Weapons and Armor - Increases the damage and armor of vehicles.
  12. Ship Weapons and Armor - Increases the damage and armor of ships.
  13. Advanced Vehicle Targeting System (Level 11) - Increases the attack range of Elite Diamondbacks and Aveyond Warhounds by 3.
  14. Advanced Aerial Agility System (Level 11) - Increases the Fireflies’ life by 50 and damage by 100, Valkyries’ attack speed by 25%, and Rejuvenators’ healing beam range by 2.
  15. Nanotech Stabilizers (Level 13) - Increases the Rejuvenator’s healing by 25% and decreases energy consumption by 33%.
  16. Gaia Reactor - Increases the maximum energy of Rejuvenators by 50.
  17. Lorelei Rockets (Level 13) - Increases the Valkyrie’s attack range by 2 and damage by 3.
  18. Spectre Advanced Training (Level 14) - Unlocks Tosh and his Spectres the ability to cast Psionic Lash and Consumption.
  19. Lockdown - Allows Spectres the ability to cast Lockdown to immobilize mechanical units.
  20. Nyx Class Cloaking Module (Level 14) - Personnel Cloaking does not require energy.
  21. Nemesis Reactor - Increases the maximum energy of Tosh and his Spectres by 50.
  22. Hades Visor - Increases the attack range of Tosh and his Spectres by 1.

Level 1: Shadow Ops - Tosh has a 100 maximum supply and grants biological combat units immune to negative effects. Also, Terrazine Refinery allows SCVs to harvest Vespene and Terrazine in this structure.
Level 2: Smoke Cloud - Deploys a smoke cloud that has a 25% chance to evade enemy attacks.
Level 3: Enhanced Auto Turret - Increases the life of Auto Turrets by 75
Level 4: Barracks Tech Lab Upgrade Cache - Unlocks Infernal Rounds to increase the damage overtime of Enforcers and D8 Charges allows Phantom Reapers to attack structures.
Level 5: Psionic Well - Heals nearby biological and mechanical units. Plus, grants +2 armor when in the vicinity of the well’s radius.
Level 6: Unlocks Valkyrie - Heavy air superiority fighter.
Level 7: Engineering Bay Upgrade Cache - Unlocks Titanium Housing which increases the life of Terran structures by 50 and Psionic Reveal allows Psionic Wells to detect cloaked units.
Level 8: Shadow Revel - Allows active units to cloak while moving and deals double damage when decloaks and attacks.
Level 9: Factory Tech Upgrade Cache - Unlocks Shaped Hull and Tri-Lithium Cell upgrade for Elite Diamondbacks and Magrail Stabilizers that increase the attack range of Aveyond Warhounds.
Level 10: Psionic Barrier - Absorbs up to 200 damage to all active units.
Level 11: Armory Upgrade Cache - Unlocks Advanced Vehicle Targeting System that increases the attack range to Diamondbacks and Warhounds and Advanced Aerial Agility System that increases the life of Fireflies by 50 and damage by 100, increases attack speed of Valkyries by 25%, increases the healing beam range of Rejuvenators by 2.
Level 12: Psionic Indoctrination - All units, including SCVs start with 100 shields.
Level 13: Starport Tech Lab Upgrade Cache - Unlocks Nanotech Stabilizers which increases the healing speed and reduces energy consumption of Rejuvenators and Lorelei Rockets which increases the attack range and damage of Valkyries.
Level 14: Tosh Upgrade Cache - Unlocks Spectre Advanced Training allows Tosh and his Spectres to cast Psionic Lash and Consumption and Nyx-Class Cloaking Module System which they do not require energy when cloaking.
Level 15: Spectral Doctrine - Decreases training time for all units by 20%.

Prestige 0: Spectre Leader - No advantages or disadvantages.
Prestige 1: Ghost Hunter
Advantage: Tosh and his Spectres can now detect cloaked units and biological combat units grant 20% chance to evade basic attacks and gains +2 armor and +3 damage.
Disadvantage: Personnel Cloaking is unavailable.
Prestige 2: Life Stalker
Advantage: Combat units can now restore lost HP when attacking an enemy unit.
Disadvantage: Consumption’s cooldown is increased by 50% and Psionic Well is unavailable.
Prestige 3: Psionic Warlord
Advantage: Combat units slightly increases damage and attack speed by 5%. Thus research upgrades can no longer require Minerals, Vespene, and Terrazine.
Disadvantage: Combat units cost 20% more.

Power Set 1:

  • Combat unit Terrazine cost (up to -30%)
  • Tosh Ability cooldown (up to -30%)

Power Set 2:

  • Smoke Cloud effectiveness (up to +15%)
  • Tosh Attack Speed and Damage (up to 30%)

Power Set 3:

  • Tosh Energy Regeneration (up to 30%)
  • Combat unit attack damage (up to +15% damage)


  • Smoke 'zine Everyday: Accumulate 1500 Terrazine on Hard difficulty
  • Glutton for Pleasure: Consume 1000 life with Consumption
  • Lash and Dash: Kill 200 enemy units with Psionic Lash
  • Plus Ultrasonic: Stun 150 enemy units with Ultrasonic Pulse on Hard difficulty
  • A Spectre’s Tale: Complete all the Commander Tosh achievements

Oh look another commander pitch of the same commander as the other 5 guys.

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No predator? You’re out!


Add one to the Tosh crew. Maybe one day Microsoft will revive these.

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Dude what’s wrong with you? There is no reason to be spiteful.

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I just don’t see anything that really differentiates the play style from Nova.

Maybe Tosh could be a call down that teleports onto the battlefield with super cloak to wreck havoc but otherwise sits in some Terrazine building getting high and acting as a strong defensive structure and source of research.

Perhaps any units (besides purely mechanical ones like the Predator) could spend time in the Terrazine Temple to get various buffs but once they emerge from the Temple the Terrazine will eventually wear off.

Tosh was mostly completed, but left on the backburner cus they couldn’t find a way to balance him where he would completely overshadow everyone else while making the content too easy. If Microsoft ever decides to assign people to the game (we can only hope) then maybe Tosh will see the light of day, and hopefully not be OP AF.


I do hope Microsoft will revive commanders - and Tosh definetely deserves to get his own entry.

Not necessarily it is copycat of Nova - bc she has small numbers of ridiculously strong / durable units, especially vehicles. Actually Tosh would be something like a cross of Raynor (infantry-focus) and Karax (his Forge thing = Tosh’s terrazine refinery but with option to build another facility in other part of map like Zeratul) and maybe Findlay (upgrade system).

One version I’ve toyed in SC editor was more infantry/guerilla feel, speck of Umojan tech, bigger numbers with some special top-menu abilities, while vehicles only for support.
Great at diversion/sabotage/recon, parachuting reinforcements/ammo packs.
One difference - all tech upgrades and top-menu abilities would be paid with terrazine. Thus you would need to decide if you need short-term advantage or long-term upgrade.
So your gas & minerals go only for building/unit production, but you are upgrade terrazine-limited, so you need to choose wisely.

Infantry units
CC/Mule (more like field engineer for hiding turrets, field defence ~ Raven-like)
B/Storm Troopers (Marines +20 HP def matrix-style shields, stims) - breaking defence, support - in OP cross of Enforcer and Shadow Marine.
B/Reapers - raiders, grenades
B/Spectres - infiltration & caster (anti-vehicle? lock-down? Nux pulse, nuke)

Vultures (w/flame-throwers) - recon & infantry control (faster than bats, so may disengage) AND Spider mines for ground control
Diamondbacks (in place of Tanks) - against armour
Warhounds (this one set as a base defender/detector/caster-killer vs light long range low-rate high dmg railguns, vs air & ground, tough guys)

Air - the weakest part of army
Predators (small air-drone fleet, Interceptor-like as air defence-interruption
improved Banshees as capital ships (with tactical nukes - one attack at very low rate but 125dmg vs structures) - for surgical attacks and retreat
Spec Ops Dropship for infantry movement (12 capacity, healing & cloakable - so choice between support and infiltration)

Top-menu abilities - this would be terrazine-powered spec ops.
saboteur (deal 1000 dmg to target building)
Reconnaissance (like comsat scanner, but maybe longer lasting)
supply drop (call location hp regen, stimpack effect, restoration? for troops behind enemy lines, maybe some base-units at higher levels
Hacking - fog-of-war effect - all enemy units have temporarily reduced sight to 2 in a screen-size area

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definetely it will be light on structures and most of it will be mobile/flexible/salvageable.

And in regards of diversity - take a look on Zeratul & Vorazun - completely different feel.

Change I was thinking of:
Prestige 1: Ghost Hunter
Advantages: Tosh and his Spectres can now detect cloaked units and gain +2 armor.
Disadvantages: Personnel Cloaking is unavailable.

Now on normal or casual, this prestige is somewhat less pointless as you won’t be facing cloaked enemies and the armor bonus is helpful regardless of difficulty. All in all, this prestige serves to improve counter cloaking combat and survivability of Tosh and his mainline Spectres.

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Spectres seem more on tough side, so maybe armor, but I was thinking about Wraith-like upgrade from campaign (for them or ghosts) to evade 10%-20% of incoming shots.

Voice Lines:
Enemy Forces approach Tosh’s base

  • Enemy forces are converging on our base. Let them come.
  • Look alive! Enemy forces are inbound.
  • I sense an enemy attack on our base, get ready.
  • It seems the enemy is advancing towards our base. We will see about that.

Defending critical objectives (Xel’naga Temple and Sgt. Hammer’s Fortress)

  • We cannot allow the objective fall into the wrong hands.
  • The only way to defend it is to create an offensive.
  • We will greet them with a surprise.

Spotting a moving enemy objective (Shuttles and Trains)

  • If that one escapes, we’ll follow it.
  • They’re trying to evade us, but not for long.
  • My Spectres will get it done.

Destroying a moving enemy objective

  • You can’t hide from the Spectre’s wrath so easily.
  • They made a tactical error.
  • How unfortunate.
  • Too easy.

Escorting objective (Aurana’s Transport)

  • Looks like we are on escort duty.
  • We’ll have to protect this with our lives.

Detecting Hybrid

  • Hybrids. I hate hybrids.
  • Then I will deal with these hybrids psionically.
  • Is there no end to these abominations.
  • Damn hybrids.

Almost victory

  • Don’t let up. It’s almost over.
  • The enemy will yield to us.
  • Our time is nigh.

Losing too much combat units

  • I lost so many men for this Terrazine enhancement
  • My soldiers sacrified for nothing, but not in vain. They have served their purpose.

Void Shard/Sliver Destroyed

  • Perfect.
  • This will put me on the history books.
  • It is satisfying that the mighty shall fall.
  • Threat eliminated.

Cloaked units spotted

  • The enemy has sent cloaked units, we’re gonna have to fight fire with fire.
  • I sense cloaked units, ready our detectors.


  • (laughs)
  • A Spectre’s job always gets it done.
  • Not bad for a brave commander.
  • If you need a call, just let me know.

Time for tsukkomi.

Cannot unhear Hammer’s voice.

Cool, the job can do itself, can the spectres go in retirement?

Are you a phone?

End of tsukkomi.

Update on 10/13/22:

Level 1: Shadow Ops - Tosh has a 100 maximum supply and grants biological combat units immune to negative effects. Also allows the construction of Terrazine Refinery which allows SCVs to harvest both Vespene and Terrazine.


  1. Phantom Reaper - Elite reapers with D8 charges.
  2. Spec Ops Spectre - Elite infiltration units with Ultrasonic Pulse, Personnel Cloaking, Psionic Lash, and Consumption.
  3. Elite Diamondback - Spec Ops Diamondback on steroids, can fire on the move.
  4. Aveyond Warhound - Spec Ops variant of the Warhound, which casts an EMP mortar that silences enemy abilities.

So this fictional unit has no counters and counters everything?

I guess maybe it doesn’t hit air?

To be fair if you put an R in spiteful it can become spriteful.

I’ll show myself out now.

How do you know that information

I think the Predator would more likely belong to the commander Ariel Hanson.