New Co-Op Commander: Rohana

Rohana, Grand Preserver of the Velari:

  • Recommended for experienced players
  • Use support abilities to augment your allies
  • Command an army of elite Protoss units


  1. Elite Zealot - Powerful melee warrior. Can Charge and Enrage.
  2. Revelator - Powerful ranged strider. Can Blink and Hardened Shield.
  3. Inspirator - Robotic support unit. Has Psionic Aura, can Inspire and transform into Defense Mode that allows to attack when stationary. Detector.
  4. Exarch - Support psionic warrior. Can cast Psionic Distortion, Maelstrom, and Hallucination.
  5. Decimator - Assault strider. Can Temporal Burst to stun groups of enemies.
  6. Bastion - Powerful attack strider. Can walk up and down cliffs. Excel at taking down ground and air units from afar.
  7. Observer - Flying cloaked scout. Transforms into Surveillance Mode to increase vision but cannot move. Detector.
  8. Roc - Air superiority fighter. Deals area damage to air units. Can cast Phase Blink.
  9. Arbiter - Support craft. Can cloak nearby units. Has Mass Recall and Stasis.
  10. Cumulus - Advanced siege ship. Deals increased damage with prolonged attacks.

Top Bar Abilities:

  1. Matrix Overload (Level 5) - Units within the Healing Pylon, increases attack speed and grants +1 armor. Passive ability.
  2. Temporal Field (Level 2) - Fires three fields to temporarily freeze enemy units. Heroic units are slowed by 50%.
  3. Psionic Restoration (Level 8) - Fully restores life, shields, and energy to all active units and structures.
  4. Preserve the Weak (Level 10) - When taking fatal damage, the unit is in stasis status and cannot be attacked and restores life, shields, and energy but by 50%. Can only be used once. Passive ability.

Level 1: Healing Pylon - This Pylon may not only increasing supply and powering up structures, but heals nearby units within the radius of the Pylon. Can be warped this structure instantly.
Level 2: Temporal Field - Creates a field that temporarily freezes for 20 seconds.
Level 3: Infinite Warp Gates - Increases the number of charges on Warp Gates from 1 to 5 and the cooldown reduction is faster than conventional Warp Gates by 50%
Level 4: Twilight Council Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades at the Twilight Council:

  • Enable Elite Zealots to cast Enrage to increase attack speed by 25%.
  • Hardened Shield allows Revelators’ shield damage reduction to 10.
  • Inspirator’s starting energy from 50 to 200 and reduces energy consumption by 33%.

Level 5: Matrix Overload - All friendly units gain a 25% bonus to movement speed and a 15% bonus to attack speed while positioned within a Pylon’s power field. Effect lasts up to 15 seconds after leaving the power field.
Level 6: Preserver Archives Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades at the Preserver Archives:

  • Exarchs start with full energy
  • Allows Exarchs to cast Hallucination to create decoys versions of a desired unit.

Level 7: Unlocks Cumulus - Advanced siege ship. Deals increased damage with prolonged attacks.
Level 8: Psionic Restoration - Fully restores life, shields, and energy to all friendly units and structures. Has a 120 second cooldown.

Level 9: Robotics Bay Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades at the Robotics Bay:

  • Unlock the Decimator’s Temporal Burst ability, which stuns groups of ground units.
  • Anti-Matter Missiles allows the Bastion to attack air units.

Level 10: Preserve the Weak - Upon taking fatal damage, friendly units are in stasis status and cannot be attacked, moved, or casting abilities on them and restores 50% of the life, shields, and energy. The same unit cannot be in stasis again permanently. Passive ability.
Level 11: Healing Pylon Overcharge - Allows the Healing Pylon to automatically attack nearby enemy units for 25 damage.
Level 12: Temporal Field - Increases the amount of time of the Spear of Adun’s Temporal Field by +10 seconds and increases the field by 3 to 5. This ability is located in the top panel.

Level 13: Fleet Beacon Upgrade Cache - Unlocks the following upgrades at the Fleet Beacon:

  • Allows Rocs to use Phase Blink to blink to a short distance and become temporarily invulnerable after taking damage.
  • Increases the Arbiter’s starting energy from 50 to 250.
  • Increases the range and damage of the Cumulus’ weapon as it continues to attack.

Level 14: Psionic Rejuvenation - Reduces the cooldown of Psionic Restoration from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. This ability is located in the too panel.
Level 15: Fury of the Velari - Increases the effectiveness of all combat unit abilities by 75%.


  1. Research Warp Gate - Allows Gateways to be converted to Warp Gates.
  2. Protoss Ground Weapons - Increases the attack damage to all Protoss Ground Units.
  3. Protoss Armor - Increases the armor to all Protoss Ground Units.
  4. Protoss Shields - Increases the shields to all Protoss Units.
  5. Protoss Air Weapons - Increases the attack damage to all Protoss air units.
  6. Protoss Plating - Increases the armor to all Protoss air units.
  7. Charge - Allows Elite Zealots to Charge an enemy unit.
  8. Blink - Allows Revelators to Blink from a short distance.
  9. Enrage (Level 4) - Increases the attack speed of Elite Zealots for 25 seconds.
  10. Hardened Shield (Level 4) - Revelator’s shield’s damage has been reduced to 10.
  11. Argus Core (Level 4) - Inspirator’s start with full energy and reduces energy consumption by 33%.
  12. Maelstrom - Allows Exarch to cast Maelstrom to deal damage overtime.
  13. Khaydarin Talisman (Level 6) - Exarchs start with full energy.
  14. Hallucination (Level 6) - Allows Exarchs to make decoys of a desired unit.
  15. Sensor Overdrive - Increases the movement speed by 30% and vision radius of Observers by 2.
  16. Temporal Burst (Level 9) - Allows Decimators to fire a Temporal Burst which stuns groups of enemy units.
  17. Superconductor Lances - Increases the attack range by 2 and attack speed by 25% to Bastions.
  18. Anti-Matter Missiles (Level 9) - Allows Bastions to attack air units.
  19. Argent Sensors - Increases the attack range of Rocs by 2.
  20. Phase Blink (Level 13) - Allows Rocs to blink from a short distance and becomes temporarily invulnerable.
  21. Khaydarin Core (Level 13) - Arbiters start with full energy.
  22. Solarite Core (Level 13) - Increases the Cumulus’ attack range by 2 and damage by +2.

Prestige 0: Grand Preserver of the Velari - No advantages or disadvantages.
Prestige 1: Maiden of Perseverance
Advantage: Combat units cost 20% less resources and grants +1 armor and +1 damage.
Disadvantage: Training time for combat units have been increased by 30%.
Prestige 2: Khaydarin Mystic
Advantage: When friendly units inside the power field affected by Matrix Overload, they grant +2 damage and Temporal Field’s freezing time has been increased to 60 seconds.
Disadvantage: Temporal Field’s cooldown has been increased to +120 seconds.
Prestige 3: Priestess of Adun
Advantage: Healing Pylons, Psionic Restoration, and Inspire’s effectiveness have been increased by 100%.
Disadvantage: Psionic Restoration’s cooldown has been increased by 35% and Matrix Overload is unavailable.

Power Set 1:

  • Healing Pylon’s Power Field Radius (Up to 30%)
  • Healing Pylon Overcharge Attack Speed (Up to 30%)

Power Set 2:

  • Temporal Field’s Freezing Time (Up to 30 seconds)
  • Combat Unit’s Maximum Life (Up to 30%)

Power Set 3:

  • Chrono Boost Efficiency (Up to 30%)
  • Matrix Overload Effectiveness (Up to 30%)


  • Everyone, Heal Up!: Restore 2500 life, shields, and energy with Psionic Restoration on Hard difficulty.
  • Aspire to Inspire: Use Inspirator’s Inspire 100 times on friendly units on Hard difficulty.
  • Hey Buddy, Hold Still: Freeze 250 enemy units with Temporal Field.
  • Am I Seeing Things?: Create 200 units with Hallucinations.
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While I did want Rohana; I’m not sure I’d want her like this. It’s not bad but not what I had in mind. I was hoping that Rohana could use units from each of the Protoss Factions. I thought it’d be cool if Rohana got the War Council as a building and could choose units and upgrades from there. I also wanted her to use the Preserver unit as a Support unit in some way.

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Voice Lines:
Enemy Forces approach Rohana’s base

  • The enemy is advancing towards our base.
  • Our enemies make their move. We will be prepared.
  • I sense and enemy attack. Be ready for anything.
  • I am detecting an enemy presence to this area.

Defending critical objectives (Xel’naga Temple and Sgt. Hammer’s Fortress)

  • We must ensure the objective’s safety.
  • The objective cannot survive unless we act.
  • It will hold, lest we keep our enemies at bay.

Spotting a moving enemy objective (Shuttles and Trains)

  • And it is moving swiftly. Do not let that happen.
  • We cannot allow this one to escape.
  • You know your actions, my warriors. Intercept the objective before it reaches its exodus.

Destroying a moving enemy objective

  • Exemplary work, my warriors.
  • No one defeats the glory of the Daelaam.
  • Our foes would yield to the Firstborn.
  • Well done.

Escorting objective (Aurana’s Transport)

  • It seems we are the one’s responsibility.
  • We must ensure the safety of this objective.

Detecting Hybrid

  • We cannot allow Amon’s servants roam freely.
  • Do not let the hybrid submit us!
  • Amon’s greatest weapon approach us.
  • The hybrid fears us, but they feared the Firstborn.

Almost victory

  • Our victory is near, do not lose hope.
  • They will soon submit to us.

Losing too much combat units

  • Many of my warriors died in battle, but not in vain.
  • Gods! My warriors are losing too much!

Void Shard/Sliver Destroyed

  • Well fought, my warriors.
  • It is done for now.

Cloaked units spotted

  • Our sensors detect cloaked units. We will need detectors to counter this threat.
  • The enemy has sent cloaked units against us. Ready our detectors.


  • An exemplary feat of tactics. It has been a pleasure to fight with you.
  • Victory belongs to the Daelaam.
  • A great victory, but our duty is not over yet.
  • It has been an honor to serve you.

I don’t remember who Rohana is

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The female protoss Artanis keep in a fridge until he need a bite of her…but at some point she turn red hot spicy Amon flavor for a while, but eventually after a little cut, she get back in taste for everyone aboard the ship.
Another way to say it is that she’s neither Vorazun the Dark Templar, nor Selendis (the one Amon used to be the head of his corrupted protoss after loosing Artanis).

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She creates hybridized units from four Protoss factions:

  • Elite Zealot - Golden Age Zealot with Daelaam Zealot ideology.
  • Revelator - Daelaam Dragoons with Nerazim Stalker’s Blink ability and Daelaam Immortals with Hardened Shield ability.
  • Exarch - Daelaam High Templar with Nerazim Dark Archon’s ability and Tal’darim’s Ascendant’s AOE damage.
  • Inspirator - Purifier Energizer with Daelaam Sentry’s ability.
  • Decimator - Daelaam Immortals with Tal’darim Vanguard’s cannons.
  • Bastion - Ground attacks of a Purifier Colossus with an anti-air capability of a Daelaam Scout.
  • Roc - Urun’s Phoenix model with a Purifier Mirage’s ability.
  • Cumulus - Purifier Tempests with a Nerazim Void Ray’s attack.

I’d rather see Nerazim Adepts and Nerazim High Templar or Purifier Dark Templar.