New clan! in all regions

Hi, it’s Mushlybanana. I’m here to tell you about the new clan I started called To Good At Squadron TD. TGAstd (for short/tag) is involved mainly in Squadron TD but plays other popular arcade games such as direct strike and ladder.

  • To show high skill level (which you would be invited to the clan), or to pass a test to show the skill level; which might include bo3-bo7 1v1 (or if multiple members would like to join a 2v2, 3v3, 4v4). future clan members might be able to get in with a high place in the latest tournaments.

TGAstd will be hosting tournaments in the future and is a good time for Australians and other oceanic countries. I haven’t decided the exact time and all details but they will be posted at some time.

I hope to see everyone in the future tournaments and new clan recruitments.

have a lovely day:)

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Battlenet name and ingame name example Mushlybanana#11209 :



Win/lose ratio:

Time zone:

Why you want to be in this clan:

Add Mushlybanana#11209
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and reply in comments to get recruited

I will message you ingame and accept friend request/add you.

I’m a newbie. Not sure if I am qualified…


Country: Philippines


Win/lose ratio: N/A (noob)

Time zone: GMT +8

Why you want to be in this clan: I want to improve in this game and make new friends.