Nerf Zerg economy, we are tired of ZvZ finals

We see only ZvZ finals, only Zerg can beat other Zerg.
This state is really sad.

Why Serral and Reynor can only lose in ZvZ ? Reynor and Serral can lose so much game against Zerg like Soo, Rogue, Serral, DRG.
But can’t lose a single game against top player of other races. It’s really strange.
Every Zerg players are better than other Terran and Protoss players or Zerg is just OP ?
I think it’s the second choice.

The problem of Zerg is the economy. + the fact they have so much S Tier / A Tier unit. Nerf a bit Zerg economy or up Terran and Protoss economy is how you should nerf Zerg.

When a Top Zerg player lose it’s not because the ennemy play well, it’s because the player zerg scoot poorly or because he made a very big mistake.


A person with terran avatar whines about zergs. Not suprised


Have you heard the name Flash? You whiners should learn that certain people can dominate for years.


Hit the nail on the head. Zerg is extremely broken. When zerg lose its because they messed up.

The fact that serral and reynor lose to “lesser” zergs all the time and demolish other pro players is one of the best examples. But you will have people arguing with you on that… because they cannot admit the truth that zerg is beyond broken.

Props to you for understanding this game.


Everyone who have lost a game, lost it because he made mistakes, no matter pros or not. For example Inno vs DRG, oh boy was the difference in execution huge.


serral and reynor are the only zergs, we see deep into tournaments. no one else. but sure, zerg is op…


Oh funny, you change your portrait to a Terran marine Dalai. Why :slight_smile: ? You really think we will think that you are terran ?

Rogue don’t practice a lot this game but still win, DRG is the only guy comeback from military with some succes. Why old Protoss and Terran can’t succes after the military ? Because maybe Zerg is EZ PZ.

we are tired of ZvZ finals

2020 premier

1/7 zvz finals
1/7 tvt finals
1/7 pvp finals
2/7 tvz
2/7 zvp finals

2020 major

1 /12 zvz

tvp 1 tvz 4 tvt 2 pvp2

Combined results, of 19 finals, only two of them were ZvZ, not a lot of zvz to get tired of, maybe you don’t realize we are on 2020 and Z has been nerfed, we are not in that phase anymore.



Parting has had more success than DRG since coming back from the military…

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well, ask that blizzard, who decided to change my potrait. i didnt even logged in into that acc for the last 2-3 years.

Technically that’s not true, Parting still has to go to military, he retired to play another game, don’t remember which one, then returned.

Maybe DRG should start streaming every day and play at every tournament like Parting does, his results are like that because he puts hours into the game,pure passion# and I think he wants to play at the next GSL, so more Parting in the future.

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Yeah cuz you know who and how much he trains. There are tons of pros who went for military service and then had a comeback. Even most of the BW pros, even tho they are suffering from hand problems due to the intensiveness of BW.

Currently the top 10 has 4 terans, 4 zergs and 2 protosses, 3 out of 4 terans have highest rating in TvZ. Interesting isnt it?

The difference in the performance between DRG and Inno was huge. Innovation lost because he got outplayed and he made mistakes, a lot.

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I’d explain why you’re wrong but Ðióġeŋex already destroyed this thread with facts


There are problems, but it’s not what you are mentioning. The only thing that is sad is your mental state as you ramble on about problems that don’t exist in this game.

I dont want to make a scene but remember when we had a discussion about Proxy rax and You insisted worker scout is useless because there is Nothing You can do if You scout a Proxy rax? Well… serral and also reynor actually worker scout often to spot a possible Proxy.

It’s a matter of respecting your enemy, same as some T players only scout with the reaper and other players play carefully with scv scout.

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The cost of mistake for Zerg and for Terran/Protoss is different though.

Terran/Protoss can instantly loss the game against Zerg to a single mistake, while opposite is not true.

Well different races are supposed to have different flavors. Zergs seems to be balanced around loosing ~15 drones between 5 and 6 minutes mark or loosing a third.

I believe the problem lies in how good Zerg macro mechanic is at defending from pretty much everything that Terran can throw at it and almost everything that Protoss can throw at it.

Imagine if Terran had Planetary Fortress and Orbital Command merged into single unit, or Protoss Nexus would have Nexus Overcharge active all the time.

That’s exclusively top pro player thing. I guess they just know their opponent too well. On ladder SCV scout is pretty much mandatory because of how many different things your opponent can throw at you.

The only exception is TvT where SCV scout of opponent’s base doesn’t give you that much info, however checking for proxies with SCV is mandatory.

Bann Typhoon, we’re tired of his whine posts.