Nerf supply depots

They should be bigger and shouldn’t be able to lower them.

found the 12 pool main boys

Lowering is Terran’s depot building feature (along with the weakness of burning down once they get damaged). Shields which auto-regenerate is protoss’ pylon building feature. Mobility, health regeneration, scouting, and instant heals, are zerg’s supply depot feature.

Take away all three or none.

Tbh - I think the game is currently well balanced for ladder. But if someone held a gun to my head and said you MUST guess which race has the most versatile supply system - I would say zerg with the mobile scouting, transporting, autohealing supply depots.

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I’ve got a better idea. How about we keep Supply Depots the way that they are, and we give Protoss Cannons the ability to lower and deactivate for their own walls.

how about we get supply depos out of the game, and all terran production structures provide supply?

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Did you stop to think about that proposal at all before suggesting it?

First, the game is balanced around Terran’s ability to wall off with Supply Depots. That ability is not a problem in any way.

Second, Terran could still wall off just as well with that suggestion. They would just lift and land Barracks, Factories, and Starports instead, just as players do in StarCraft I wherever it is feasible.

Third, Marine rushes would be stronger because the first Barracks would not be delayed by a supply depot requirement (a requirement that was explicitly added in WOL because Barracks rushes were too fast to be held), and because the Barracks would provide its own supply to support the rush.

Fourth, Terran could mass production facilities and field & replenish larger armies much more quickly, because all of the resources and build time that used to go to supply depots can now be spent directly on production facilities and units.


the sentence could have been dispensed with.
And simply said: I don’t like it, because TvX would have to be completely revised.

Apparently, you couldn’t read past the first sentence. You are getting to be as bad as CellarDoor.

Getting rid of supply depots and putting supply on other buildings would make Terran rushes hit too fast and too powerful. It doesn’t prevent Terran from walling off either, since flying buildings “can” operate as walls if needed. Supply Depots are merely more convenient.


there is one toxic.
I’m just accusing you of being rude.

I don’t disagree with you on the other points.