Need PvT Help Against Cyclones!

Hey everyone, I’m having trouble countering a specific build that Terran does. They open cyclone, keep me contained on my natural, setup turrets and tanks outside, then win. This is the third time I’ve encountered this build and I lose to it every time.

What should I do to beat this? I went Stalkers and Immortals + Disruptors but it didn’t work as he had a concave on me. I’m at a loss on how to counter this.

If it’s just turrets, cyclones, and tanks, I would say blink stalkers should be your 100% go to. You need to micro to win. If there are other units (marines) you may have to consider other units. Shield batteries are also very good

After you scout it, even if you didn’t plan on going that, start a Twilight and start+ chrono boost Blink immediately, turtle on batteries if you need to. When engaging, pull the unit that is locked out AWAY from the Cyclone and not towards. You want to break Lockon as much as you can, and none of your units can catch his cyclone anyway even if you walk towards them.

After Blink finishes, you blink on top of the cyclone and focus fire them down. They are very expensive units. You can also wait until Lock-on happen before you blink forward since that will also break the Lockon. After that go mass Chargelot Archon. As long as you didn’t take too much loss he shouldn’t really have anything that can engage Chargelot Archon that effectively.

Also, never forget making workers and macro even when under pressure, because a lot of the time that’s actually how you lose the game.

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protoss at 3k: cyclones are imba!
also protoss at 3k: 2k overmins and not a single chargelot

Just look at your replays and identify WHY you’re not spending your ressources.

To be fair though: If you’d train your micro more, you’d have the confidence to just build 20 chargelots and win the game. With a-move.