Nearly impossible to publish anything the last several days?

Is it just me or has it been impossible to get anything published the past several days? Most of the time it will fail at “constructing file header” or at “transmitting archive file” it will just do nothing. Or it will get to 90 something percent then just stop, forever. ? It had nothing to do with the map because there were a couple times where the upload did get through, though it was rare. I’m thinking it has to be on Blizzard’s end.

Yes I’ve had the same experience, I think it has to do with the overall server issues Starcraft 2 has had the last 5 days.

Amazing, even the editor is failing… What a chaotic way to end 2020

Somebody needs to message someone at Blizzard to let them know the thing that designs their games and powers all of their company, you know that hamster, it fell of its wheel.

Since no one has answered this. This was caused by a “influx” of new players over the Christmas/Holiday break and their “services” where F’ed up. Arcade was hit and miss the whole time as well. It’s since been fixed. The screwy part to me is they really DGAF when things crashed because it took atleast 2 weeks to fix the problem/