Nature of the beast - Part 4 to 9 - Cancelled or Not?

Hey there,
Last year we got the first three parts of the Nature of the Beast comic series alongside the last Warchest.
But it was announced back in November that there will not be any more Warchests.
So, I was wondering if we might get the remaining parts of the series, or if it was cancelled.
And if it is to continue, when do you think the next parts will be released ?


Looks like a cancel until the next Warchest in SC3 bud. Coming soon.*TM


What warchest? It’s over.

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I poked Carlos Rodríguez (the line artist) about it on instagram shortly after the cancellation, and though he didn’t seem to know about the end of the War Chests he seemed insistant there was still more coming, which implies he finished issues 4-9. Maxi Molina meanwhile retired from coloring a while before the comic was even released (if I have the timeline right), which also implies it might have been finished. We know the writer at least mapped out all issues (as the only reason we know there’s 9 is his LinkedIn mentioning he wrote all 9).

Certainly they won’t release it as a War Chest, but my unlikely hope is they do what they did with Shadow Wars (with like 0 fanfare) and release a hard cover version of all of it, maybe paired with This Sacred Land. With the 9 of Nature and the 3 of Sacred Land it comes out to 12 issues, so exactly the same length as Shadow Wars (though with a couple more pages because of Shadow Wars’s early era of doing like 6 pages per issue). Almost certainly not going to happen but that’s the only realistic way I see them publishing the rest if they had finished it and intend to release it.


Hallelujah, it will be published in hardcover!!!
h ttps://


I’ll believe it when it actually gets released. But it’s still encouraging to even have an entry at for now!

well looks like a lot less unlikely than I thought

Why is part 3 in Spanish is there an English version? Non comprendo por favor. Google detects Portuguese.


Oh my gosh I just finished translating it… thanks lol.

Will they continue the story?? makes sense to finish it or no warchest = freeze every work

A preview of the comic appeared on the Amazon store page ( h ttps:// ) , where we can see its contents. There are only 6(?) issues and a short story from Alex Ask (new?).

The season thing is a bit weird, but it should be nine issues in total. Season may be erroneously be for the planned year? My only guess. It’d be weird if they didn’t since the author confirmed they did nine issues on his linkedin, and that’d line up better with the cover (since it’d be two covers from “releases” we haven’t seen yet, and one from the one we got).

The short story’s also a point of debate since it might just be the work they did for the 10th Anniversary, One People, One Purpose. But it could also be another new one, we don’t know. The description in general doesn’t give a lot of indication as to the direction they’re going, I’m still concerned it may end up like the Ghost: Nova rerelease/audiobook where they pass the release date and it just never comes out, but with the preview coming up (granted just of things we’ve already seen) it seems likely they’ll actually release this one.

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The comic appeared on sale
h ttps://±+Nature+of+the+Beast%3A+Compilation&qid=1633988567&sr=8-1

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Yup, picked it up. Looks like the short story is how they finish issues 6-9.

Overall a solid book though, in a rare case for post-LotV material the ending was really satisfying and there was a deep dive into the characters. Some quibbles (why is Tosh never at least mentioned) but very worth it.