Narud as a new coop commander?

emh… Narud and Duran are the same person…

I think Valerian will be only focused about Umojans since Umojans, Tyrador and Golden Age are the only skinset unused until now (the Cerberus I suppose can be considered used by Mengsk, even if I admit i would like to see a commander just focused about Cerberus)


emh… I played Moebius Factor before, just saying.

The reason for me making such a ridiculous statement is that the difference from both character’s current situation during their time, despite being the same person, can be used to bring one of them into Co-op when the so-called “alternative timeline” kicks in.

As for Valerian, since I hugely support the concept of him being a diplomatic commander, I would like him to have full access of most of the faction’s technology rather than just one.

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but even with alternative timeline, the characters make sense to go against Amon. Duran, if you pick them when he was Duran or Narud, will not. I’m not saying he will never be a commander, becuse is possible, I just say will be dumb.

A lot of that concept can be picked for others characters, instead of making a huge mix, focusing in just one faction will be a lot more interesting, so Valerian with Umojan will make totally sense, even because is the only character with connection with them. For a “regular” Dominion character can be used Warfield and for the Moebius can be used Reigel.

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That “sense” should be defined by Blizzard and that only.

And that is somehow the only way I can tolerate a Narud commander. Because I just can’t say “Narud commander is a NO” forever.

Personal Preference.

Tbh Mengsk is basically that “regular” Dominion character. Technically you can say the intended sky terran style that can be implied on Warfield can be described as another “regular” Dominion aspect… but what’s the fun in that if Selendis is, and will be a sky comp focused commander?

No plans for this character but I think I can come up with other ideas.

Mengsk is not the regular Dominion commander, he use the Elite guard, the regular Dominion is still unused.
For Reigel the only logical choise would be Moebius (if he will be used, but I doubt since the Moebius is basically the Terran enemy in Co-Op)

Perhaps at this point, it will be best if you define what’s your “regular” Dominion represents. As mine (my “regular” Dominion) is aimed toward the playstyle.

I would say it is questionable for Blizzard to add him to Co-op.

Unless he will have a role in SC3, unless.

And, based on what we’ve seen from the covert ops mission pack ending, even Reigel uses Moebius tech, I think it will be different. Thus we cant get a true Moebius commander from Co-op.

I mean a commander that command the Dominion Armada. Mengsk command his Elite Guard, so is not the Dominion Armada.

I hope we will not have SC3, SC story is concluded with SC2 and the death of Amon, I can agree with others mission packs that focus on others characters ecc… but a new whole game no. After a fallen God as a villain, any other thing would be… dumb… UED can be strong, yhea, but now Daelaam, Dominion and the Swarm are pratically allied, and if them defeated Amon togheter, the UED will be nothing too serious after him. Niadra same thing, or Ulrezaj, or anything else.
After a villain like Amon, any other will be dumb.

I would say a good SC3 needs proper execution and story. Is doable, but not for the current Blizzard.

I’m not familiar with the extended storylines. Perhaps we could find someone similar to Narud’s stature, but would make sense for him/her to go against Amon.

I see a lot of people reiterating that coop isn’t canon so why restrict the missions to “Amon is doing blabbity blah and we have to stop him”?

Would be nice to do stuff like invade Korhal or do a “Caverns of Time” style mission series where you either replay or get to intervene in the events of BW missions like Eye of the Storm, New Gettysburg or Omega… which could of course accompany what some here have mentioned about BW-killed characters being a possibility to be introduced. In fact, I could see Duran fitting in well with that kind of mission. Just a thought.

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Am working on this but have no idea what special mechanic should he have.