Narud as a new coop commander?

I think Narud would make a pretty fine commander in coop. Units are hybrid, and buildings are Xel’Naga constructs. They are very expensive, but also very strong. Narud will be fighting for a minute if called, then 180sec.s of cooldown. Or other Xel’Naga units.

No thanks. Unlike Mengsk, he has no reason to go from antagonist to ally. Not even protagonist, just… Ally.
He’s literally the one who helped facilitate the rebirth and return of Amon. Having him as a commander would make zero sense. At least with the likes of Mengsk, he has a reason – He has no interest in watching his empire and universe burn.


even if the idea of playing with Duran/Narud is really cool, considering the context of Co-Op would be pretty dumb. I know there is data about him as a commander, but still… is quite dumb.

I feel the only way Duran could be implemented in co-op would be as some sort of mutator that allows a third player to oppose the normal commanders.

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Illogical. Amon’s only servent is Narud. There are no "what if"s in this matter like the bringing back dead people ones.

Would be nice though, having a mission pack about Narud.

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Well, if we had to take a stab at this…
In an alternate timeline, Nurad has become disillusioned with the way Amon is running things, so he decides to turn on his master.

Otherwise, if they wanted Nurad in Coop gameplay, I wouldn’t mind having a mission where he’s an enemy hero unit that players need to deal with. Along with extra hybrids. Perhaps even new ones (like in Part & Parcel).

This again?

“New commander doesn’t fit lore”
“Coop isn’t lore based”
“Doesn’t matter, makes no sense”
“Does matter, anything goes”

If it’s a well designed commander, it’ll get more purchases and played. If it’s not, it’ll get less purchases and still played.

New content is new content, either you’re against new content or you’re not. If the quality of new content is bad, that’s not our problem… that’s Blizzard’s… because I don’t make money off of playing new content, they do.

Or something like an adaptation of the LotV Epilogue mission Into the Void.

Look no further than Mengsk. People have complained about him (although TBF, people were hoping for Valerian instead). However, folks ended up really liking him that they let their criticisms slide. (yes, even after his “super start” got nerfed)


While bringing back Mengsk won’t make “Amon alternative ver.” happen, Narud surely can.

That’s why it should be no.

Once again, Narud should not join the commanders. He should be a map boss that you have to siege.
While “alternate timeline lol I’m not dead” is a thing they’re doing, Mengsk’s justification to join the war against Amon would come from his own selfish wants and needs to keep ruling over his empire. Narud is literally Amon’s butt buddy and has acted only a harbinger to bring Amon back. To have him randomly turn on his master would be nothing short of just dumb.
And before anyone points out the collective Protoss turning on Amon, go play LotV again, then come back. The Daelaam got angry because Amon lied to them, influenced them to a certain direction, and then began feeding on them for the creation of Hybrids.
Alarak and the Tal’Darim rebelled against Amon because he straight up betrayed them. Amon used their power and brutality to try and conquer space to develop Hybrids and promised them ascension into Hybrid. Once Alarak found out that was a lie, he took control of the Tal’Darim (with some help) and took the war to Amon.

No matter how bad people want Narud to be a commander, I won’t support it. It would completely break the chain of antagonists, and there is zero justification for this.


When Blizzard said co-op is non-canon, the intention was to give designers a degree of flexibility so they can design commanders without having to be completely tied down to Starcraft lore. This does not mean open season where basically anyone can become a commander.

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I would like to bring up that in the “Commander Dialogues” that have been there since launch (which were the remnants of a system they scrapped where commanders would have special dialogue at the start of a match), you can find blank text slots referencing Narud, as well as a lot of others who have either since come out (Stukov, Tychus, Arcturus, and this in the case of the latter two when they had the “no dead commanders” rule) or not come out (Tassadar, Selendis, Overmind). Even though the team has changed since then, it does show they’ve at least considered him and that he’s likely on the table.

I’m probably the most anal person when it comes to canon (when are Artanis’s tempests getting either Khalai quotes or a Purifier portrait, and Zeratul’s enforcers getting annihilator quotes), but I’d have no problem with Narud as a commander. The mode isn’t canon, and I just want to play as the armies of some of my favorite StarCraft characters, so long as the flavor of the army itself is good and is internally consistent to the character. Hybrid forces to me sounds like a fantasy with a lot of potential.

If you need an explanation, just consider that Duran sees that his invincible leader is getting pushed back by the forces of the sector and the plan is falling apart. In an effort to save himself, he does the thing Duran is good at: switches sides. After all, he is a xel’naga, aside from his own loyalty there isn’t anything intrinsically bonding him to Amon, he’s serving on his own free will. So he seizes control of a pocket of hybrids and maybe his personal Moebius/Tal’darim forces and turns on his master.

Granted it’s not perfect, but honestly at this point they don’t need to explain it beyond a basic “he turned on Amon,” no more then they need to explain two Emperors or how Zeratul being back doesn’t completely change the course of the End War. They’ve long said Co-op isn’t canon, and even since launch reading into things like Temple of the Past break down on the slightest bit of canon scrutiny.


Just killed a bunch of Hybrids. Oh wait, they’re yours? Sorry.

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I would love to have a commander featuring hybrids. Honesty it is more refreshing than the any concept commander’s roster I’ve seen.

Frankly, I’ve seen many over the years lol.

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There may be some better options for a player-controlled hybrid army. Reigel was a member of the Moebius Foundation so he could lead a splinter faction that remained loyal to humanity. The other option is Ulrezaj’s hybrid program which was independent of the Moebius efforts. Imagine an army of hybrids supported by Nerazim assassins and led by a powerhouse Dark Archon.

If we are talking about a Hybrid commander, I would say Valerian is my pick. And that will only be one of the many features for this version of him.

While bringing characters like Reigel and Ulrezaj into Co-op would be nice. Be more ambitious, try to use some more new concepts on them might be better.

Lastly, back to the topic of this thread- no, I still can’t support a Narud commander by any means. Especially by doing so a great opportunity of adding a new enemy besides Amon, Infested, and a Tal’darim A.I. will be wasted.

Btw… no matter what happens, if a Hybrid commander has been made into the game, I have to say I can’t wait to have at least a week that my hybrids can nuke Amon into the abyss, well, before they patch it. Just joking.

I dunno, I’m kinda looking forward for Valerian to use Archangels, Gorgons and Xanthos.

As for Hybrid commanders… we will see what Blizzard boys will serve

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I think that can be used for Warfield. Valerian I think would fit better with Umojan tech, so a hi-tech commander with units that try to replicate Protoss technology or comething like that (since Umojans want make contact with Protoss)

btw, I don’t exclude the possibility of having Duran as commander. Is really possible. I just find it… odd. I will not really like the idea, but I will buy him anyway, because I just love this mode.

I’m looking forward for Valerian to use Dominion, Umojan, and Mobius tech instead. Besides, the personalty from him (being a pacifist) might prove interesting when mixed with Hybrid tactics.

While I strongly oppose the idea of a Narud commander, I somehow believe Duran commander can be possible.