My win or not? (title be what title be)

My opponent lost because…

  1. My opponent had incontrol’s announcer pack engaged
  2. My opponent wanted to have 8+k mineral bank
  3. I played as Terran
  4. My opponent played as Zerg
  5. My opponent expected a certain build from their opponent
  6. Who cares!!! Platinum league is the new bronze league in SC2 so yeah be shush…



But…buuuut…he had 180 apm!!! So he deserved to win!

7 - Because you mined more than him. Widow mined to be precise.
7b- And 'cause he wasn’t into overseers, hydras nor broodlords apparently

Mass mines styles are rather unusual, but not too hard to adapt to on the fly if scouted early enough. You had a good client here. :wink:

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