Municipal Buildings-unable to create this model

Hello, I will try to keep this short and sweet.
In Doodads>Municipal Buildings and Battle Station Buildings, there are a few doodads that do not load in the editor. You can view these models in the model viewer when editing data, but there is a Blizzard PvP map that includes many of these buildings (Acropolis LE). The Municipal buildings are nice tower/pillars, and the Battle Station buildings are high quality buildings and bridges that i’m sure were only meant for cinematics.
What is an easy way to enable these buildings to be used in the editor? They are interesting and look fun to play with.
*Edit, for whatever reason I can’t add links.
However, here is a link to a pic of said buildings:
https://*ibb.*co/LPFzqQ5 <–(2 asterisks, delete them)

You could duplicate a doodad, then change the model to the one you want.

Right click on a doodad in the data editor (in actors), hit duplicate actor. Checkmark the actor, and the model, hit ok. A new actor and model will be created. Change the model in the model part. Change names to what you want. You should now be able to use it in your map.

So, it seems the buildings I am trying to use are StoryModeSets>Terran.
I tried to copy what was done in the AcropolisLE map, which is word-for-word select the doodad it edited and picked BattleStation buildingss, I changed the variation to 17 and even changed the model to Assets\StoryModeSets\Terran\SMX3_MP03_020_Building\SMX3_MP03_020_Building_00.m3, just like in AcropolisLE.
However, when trying to place this doodad in a map I still get “unable to create this model.”
Any suggestions? Is this a dependency issue? Trying to test this I am using the default map.
Edit AcropolisLE only uses the Void mod and that’s it. Is there any way to simply copy the exact data from one map and import it into a new map? There is copy and copy reference. I don’t know the difference between them.
Edit2 Ok…I made a new map and literally copy/pasted the value from Acrop into my new map and that did it.