Most Wanted Units For New Commanders

What are the units you want to see for new Commanders? Units that haven’t been added to Co Op yet. And for which potential Commander?

I’m hoping to get a Purifier High Templar/Archon (possibly) for Rohana, Spectres for Tosh, and Blight Bringer (strain) for Izsha. Maybe a new worker unit for Protoss? (As Mengsk fot the Laborer/Trooper.)

*you can say more than 1 unit per Commander.

I am going to say Defilers for Niadra, if Niadra is Protoss/Zerg I would like to see it casting “Psionic Plague”.

As much as I like to see units I wish Blizzard can provide with maps. sigh

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Defilers to Overmind or its equivalent. If it’s too similar to Viper, then buff/adjust it to make it unique (this is Coop)

Valkyrie Frigate (not just Liberators which are spiritually them). Any next Terran CO works for me

(non-infested) Diamondbacks. Again, any next Terran CO works for me

Dunno if they can do this, but it’d be neat to have a unit that’s brand new to Coop.


There are still many unused models or remains of unit models.
Maybe the Dev team can scrounge some of them up?

I fear after the 2020, Blizzard won’t support SC2 Co-op anymore as much it did (even more than it does now).
I still think they are indeed preparing for the 10th Anniversary I don’t think Blizzard can procrastinate with 10th Anniversary.

Whatever works! (although I’m still not holding my breath for much in new content)

I think Tosh should get Diamondbacks. His men stole Diamondbacks from prison.

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It’s been a little while; you know what other units I’d want? A Nerazim Adept. I think they would look cool. Nerazim also has the least amount of variants. So, it would be cool to have a Nerazim High Templar as well.

I want the Umojan Ghost for a Terran Commander. They look great! I bet Valerian could use them.

Another for Zerg; I want the Corpser Roaches. They were fun in Heart of the Swarm.

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I tried to implement them on Zagara.
Start watching from 2:30

You know what might be cool? Combat Medics. I think either Warfield or Valerian could have those.

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