Modifying Zeus Lander Abilities? New to data editing

I am very new to the Data Editor and am trying to create my own campaign but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do 3 things with the Zeus Lander (Flying)/(Landing) unit. After tinkering around for about 2 hours, I realize I have no idea what I’m doing and can’t figure it out. Any guidance would be super appreciated.

So here’s what I am trying to do:

  1. Put a restriction on “loading” and “unloading” units that it is carrying so that it is only able to unload or load units while the Zeus is currently landed.

  2. When commanding the Zeus to land, a preview model appears similarly to commanding a Terran building to land to indicate where the unit is going to land. However, unlike with Terran buildings (and with the very similar unit Hercules (Lander, Flying), the landing preview model is not hollowed out and green to make it look like a hologram, it’s just the unaltered model of the Zeus Lander unit. Is this something that can be accomplished simply through the Data Editor, or would I need to use a program to change the model to be like the Terran buildings? If it can be done through the Editor, how?

  3. Due to how I am wanting the Zeus Lander unit to behave while landing, is it possible to add another parameter (I am unsure of the term) to the Ability so that when the unit lands, it rotates to a specific orientation? I assume this can be done because when Terran buildings land, they always land in the same orientation no matter which orientation they had when they started to land. Any pointers on how to accomplish this would be very helpful.

Thanks to any who provide some feedback and advice. I super appreciate it!