[Mod] SC2 Realistic Scale

Mod name: SC Real Scale
Author: JaredStarr
State: Alpha
Players: 2+

Title pretty much sums it up, all units re-scaled to lore.

I’ve seen it done few times before through arcade and other mods but I’ve never been satisfied with the experience so I decided to just do it myself.

  • Movement speeds have been adjusted
  • AOE effects adjusted
  • Weapons ranges
  • Sight radius
  • Camera zooms added (things get big)
  • Much more!

I’d like to make note that this mod is still in an alpha state, however very playable.

Are costs/damage/build times the same?
No. Virtually everything is different in some way, and if it is currently the same it will likely be changed through balancing in the future.

Are resource collection rates different?
Yes! Resource collection amounts are changed. This has been carefully developed to bridge the gap between the costs of extremely cheap tier 1 units and expensive tier 3 units. Mineral patches also have less minerals and mine out faster forcing players to expand faster.

Is the supply limit increased?
It sure is. You now cap at 320 supply. This is to compensate for higher worker counts

How long does a match last?
It takes roughly 30 minutes to have a map mined out. Rush tactics/cheese plays are still possible which can end a match within 5 minutes.

What can I expect when I jump into a match?
Things will kick off pretty standard, as the game progresses things begin to deviate from a standard melee match. Bases mine out faster now. As the game carries on it will begin to require a lot of APM output. You (probably) won’t be able to keep up with everything and you will begin to have to choose where your attention is more important. This is what creates a large dynamic in the mod and finding where your opponent is lacking is where you can find a victory. Strategies vary from ball of death play (lower level players) to Broodwar-esque matches where multiple battles are sprawling (very skilled players).

How big is a Battlecruiser/Carrier?
M a s s i v e.
But on a serious note, don’t wall off! Some units need 2+ tiles to move around and on top of that - some smaller units can squeeze through the wall (zergling/probes). This mod isn’t made to be played like that.

Are there any strategies or builds?
Yes there are. I’m not sure what they all are, they feel pretty close to typical SC2 builds at the start with deviations as the game progresses. There’s likely exploits that can be found in game, if you do find something that needs to be buffed/nerfed comment in this thread or on the in-game rating menu.

How do I play the Mod?
Pick any melee map on the NA Server (I believe its on the KR Server as well) and create it with the mod SC Real Scale. The author should be JaredStarr. I’ll be publishing it to all servers eventually, if you’d like me to upload it to your server feel free to make a request in this thread.

Regardless of race, it is important to get expanding early and don’t fall behind in tech (if the game is going to be longer then 10 minutes). Attacking seems very daunting with the pace units move at, so you need to plan your attacks accordingly. Looking for a weak spot in your opponents play can easily be what wins a match for you. It might just be me, but it seems like there’s too much going on to keep on top of everything at once and you will always leave yourself vulnerable in some way.

If I haven’t said it enough, this mod rewards where you put your attention, and that includes small battles. Many unit abilities give them an awesome advantage when used correctly. This allows you to deal large damage with a small strike force. Sometimes you may feel stuck defending, or you can’t break your opponents defense and it’s in these situations this kind of strategy can save you. Be weary when doing this though as it can obviously suck up all your APM.

Much of the mod is designed to still feel like Starcraft 2. I haven’t added any extra units outside of the melee ladder so there’s nothing unusual that’s going to show up in a match, aside from the units themselves being ridiculous in size. It’s made to be very easy to pick it up and figure it out within the first match. I may look into adding a in game tutorial in the future.


General changes/Tips:

  • Biological units regenerate health! It may be a snails pace but you’ll still love it.
  • Note the difference between Hellions and Hellbats when it comes to health regeneration.
  • Supply depots get a nice armor buff when lowered.
  • Don’t warp a single Battlecruiser into your opponents base and expect to win.
  • Be smart about your defenses. Bunkers occupy supply while MULEs can open up supply.


  • Reapers/Hellions are good for early game harass, but don’t let them get cornered.
  • Crawling into your opponent with various defensive units can help you win.
  • Use your Orbital Commands to their full potential. Scanner Sweeps help maintain map control and MULEs can change the tide of a battle.
  • Try to Outrange your opponent


General changes/Tips:

  • Ground units can walk through pylons because they now float high enough off the ground!
  • Pay attention to your Warp Gates. A fully charged Warp Gate can often warp in two units instead of just one.
  • Warp gate tech is no longer on auto-cast and costs 25 Vespene while in warp gate.
  • Adepts aren’t the only way to harass early game! Proxy is still an option and Warp Prisms can help.
  • Units are a little more expensive, when attacking plan for an evacuation or backup.
  • Keeping an eye on your opponent and knowing what you need to be prepared for is very important.
  • Make use of your Chrono Boosts, you’ll need them to keep up.


  • Keeping a handful of observers around the map helps maintain map control.
  • When committing to an attack, having a Warp Prism nearby is very handy.
  • Your forces are not as mobile as other races, don’t forget about recall when things get hairy.
  • Be smart about the units you build, you’re going to max out your supply with a lot less.


General changes/Tips:

  • Units now get a massive armor buff and their health regeneration is slightly increased only when burrowed.
  • Units are weak but quick, attack and get out before you opponent can respond.
  • Hatcheries are fairly weak compared to other town centers. Lairs are stronger and Hives are comparable to other races.
  • Creep tumors hatch faster but can’t spread as far. Given the right attention though, creep can spread very fast.
  • As usual, stay on top of larva injections. Combined with expanding quickly you will be able to send a constant onslaught towards your opponent.


  • Expanding fast while keeping your opponent busy with harass will keep you alive.
  • Staying on top of creep spread and having stray Zerglings/Mutalisks will help maintain map control.
  • Teching up quick is very important. Your units are already weak so you’re starting with a disadvantage.
  • Spread your opponent thin using both your armies mobility and how inexpensive they are to produce.

Final words;
If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I’ll throw some more eye candy at the end of this post for you and hopefully you’re on your way to trying out the mod soon. I try my best to host the mod as regularly as possible but I have sometimes gone weeks without logging in. I update the mod and do balance testing as often as I can, if you notice anything game breaking feel free to make a post about it and I will gladly look into it. I’ve been developing this for honestly over 2 years (off and on because I do it as a hobby) at this point and don’t plan on stopping. If you enjoy the mod show some support and give it a rating!

Thank you again!

There is another thread on TeamLiquid’s forum with pictures if you’d like to get a look at the mod before playing. I’ll figure out how/if I can embed picture in these forums and do so if possible.

You can find the mod by searching “real scale” author is JaredStarr


Hey man I love this mod it is amazing and I think how the game should have been made! Recently I can’t place a star gate on any of the maps it is an error. Any idea what’s happening?

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me too, I have this glitch.
I can’t make Protoss Airships.