[MM] Testing Karax Changes

I can understand the conflict. In my personal opinion, most times that I get to my second Chrono Wave, my ally’s already done with all of their research and upgrades, so it sort of is just a “Blast it when you need it to catch up.”

I haven’t tried it. Probably possible, but with a lot of work. So props to those mapmakers.

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i hope immortals have shorter cooldowns on their skills or at least have splash damage

If Shadow Cannon got a bit of splash, that would be nice. If their auto attack did, then there would be no point in making Colossi anymore.

By NINE MINUTES? Get some better allies.

Just give them shorter cooldowns. Giving them even small splash into their cannons would make them OP Monsters

Let’s pray they will come to reality because we simply don’t have enough maps

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Whereas if it’s separate, there’s conflict in forever losing Chrono wave in favor of combat Chrono wave.

I feel the execution behind combat Chrono wave conflicts with solar lance in most situations. In situations where using combat Chrono wave would’ve “saved” an outpost, I feel like it would be better to just solar lance the threat. This can kind of free up solar lance for more offensive use, but the low cooldown of solar lance compared to high cooldown of combat Chrono…

Solar lance is less effective in enemy bases where enemies are spread out. Static def (and by extension combat chrono) are more effective where enemies are spread out. Problem is, solar is much easier to use offensively and static def is much easier to use defensively, even with reposition.

If during combat Chrono, structures could relocate instantly, that would allow it to serve a directly offensive role. It does seem it could be overpowered, though.

How about increasing Solar Energy gain by 15% and Cooldown in 500% for 20 seconds? That way Solar lance can be used more often?

Just a thought… What if Chrono Boost from Nexus also quicken Solar energy charge and cooldown?

First off, that’s most allies. As in, probably 85% of games I play as Karax, my ally already has their required research/upgrades finished by the time that the second Chrono Wave is up. The other 15% is either a Tychus or someone who isn’t having the best day/is genuinely not that great.

I don’t know about that chief. It could be a very minimal amount of splash, or a very small radius that works best vs clumpy air or something super small like Ling/Bane or Marine/Marauder.

You may address me as Chief McDonaldo, Pilgrim. Well Clumpy air units and small fries can be easily dealt by orbital drops.
Their power is Ok but its aim is really bad (I miss half of time), they really need to fix aiming mechanism. Using SOA and unit in conjuncture is one of Karax’s gameplay way.

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Yeah, but sometimes the Orbital Strikes are really badly off. Like in Miner Evac/Dead of Night. Why isn’t Orbital Strike +100 vs Armored and Structures? It’s so damn hard to fast expand on Miner Evac as Karax…

That’s something we can all agree on. I would also like they get rid of for targetting transition of Solar Lance becuase they create unnecessary delays.
I woul also like to properly diverge Solar energy and cooldown timing on Solar Lance and Orbital Shots when I don’t make use of all of the.
(For example, firing 2 shots for solar lance but my energy and cooldown is spent just as I would get from 3 shots).

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Just Wauw!!

Mister Monk contact Maguro he knows how to make Karax fun again.


Sure there would, the fact that colossus splash area is way bigger and their range longer; the fact that Archons deal splash with their basic attack doesn’t detract from the usefulness of reavers or storm for Artanis.

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Karax is still pretty garbage. I had to let a train slip through when going Immortal/Colossus, then I was able to snowball (but miss both bonus trains) solo. But his cannons are STILL completely garbage.

I’m skeptical here… Even solo-Karax on current coop server, that is hardly an issue.

What was the enemy comp?

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Does the comp even matter that much? Even something like skyterran gets bodied on OE with cannons/monoliths since liberators can’t touch structures. Pretty much every other comp can get killed by SoA.

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I’m trying to be modest here and give an out… you just came straight up with them truth.

To be fair, he stated he is using robo and not defensive, so there is a difference.

Okay, the sentinel passive and static teleportation is already insane, you have no idea how this increased the mineral value for Karax right now.

I tried doing Imortal+collossus+shield batteries, ocasional cannons due to obs dying, worked wonders.

Maybe you can do static only even on agressive maps, but this may need a lot of micro since you have 3 types of static to teleport.

Gonna test air comp later, I think mirages will likelly win A-move vs battlecruisers.

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