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It’s not as much about Amon’s Brood as it’s about Hybrids. That’s the key thing. Amon lost shizzleton of Hybrids on Shakuras.

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< 200 units and roughly 500 buildings. ALL THE BUILDINGS! Karax put in serious overtime on Shakuras.


Karax put the ace into phacemith.

The loss of Shakuras and the bleeding of Amon’s army’s is one of the most significant events in all of Starcraft . It cracks my top 10 list.

  1. Fall of Tarsonis / New Gettysburg / Birth of Dominion and Raynor’s Raiders
  2. Raiders / Dominion Invasion of char in WoL
  3. Unified Protoss 2nd Invasion of Auir
  4. Overmind in Invasion of Auir
  5. Tassadar / Zeratul / Fenix / Raynor assault of Overmind
  6. Kerrigan’s invasion of Korhal
  7. The Protoss stand on Shakuras in BW
  8. Defeat of 2nd Overmind on Char / end of UED’s significant power hold in the sector
  9. Kerrigan’s venture to Zerus / primal queen
  10. and yes checking in inside the top 10 most significant mission / mission series in all of Starcraft is the Destruction of Shakuras / bleeding of Amon

For 6 I assume you mean HotS and not QoB. Also, no UED invasion on that list? I’d definitely put that above Shakuras lol.

Also technically there should be several events on there with the Xel’naga like Amon’s initial betrayal, that whole war-thing, all the stuff with the epilogue, etc. Also probably some stuff in Protoss history like the Khala being formed or Adun helping the Nerazim. Also the initial Terrans showing up in the Koprulu Sector. I agree those are boring though.

Honestly I think a thread dedicated to putting that list together might be fun.

What epilogue?

I like to think Kerrigan was wrong. Without the epilogue Amon stays stuck festering in the void forever.

Epilogue was an unnecessary venture.

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I’m pretty sure Amon was gonna come back. To quote Raynor, “We can’t kick this can down the road.” They had to end it once and for all, and finally beating the “big bad guy” is one hell of a significant event. Also it is both the ascension and descension/deinfestation of Kerrigan (although I know there are a lot of conflicting theories here).

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You’re probably right. But my stubborn attitude says Raynor has been wrong before so he and Kerrigan could have been wrong there too.

I tend think Amon’s ultimate fate was sealed when he lost on Auir.

As bad as the epilogue was, you have to acknowledge its canonicity because it doesn’t contradict the lore or laws that the universe set up.

Amon’s closest attempt at ruling the universe ended on Aiur, but any future attempts were stamped out in the Void.

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The problem with that line of thinking is that’s what happened before. The other Xel’naga killed his physical form, but through agents like Duran and his own power he was able to make another one. Raynor and the gang saved the universe for another few millennia or whatever, but he was gonna be back.

You guys are right.

Blowing up Shakuras is out of the top 10.

I’m a little sad now.

Lol, technically only 3-4ish of your top 10 (if that) would make it, but that includes all kinds of lore stuff you don’t actually see in the games.

Blowing up Shakuras is at least a top 10 SC2 event still.

Only counting SC2 events, yeah it’s up there.

Blowing up Shakuras is pretty much the most important thing that happened in SC2 and wasn’t an end of an installment.

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Kerrigan getting reinfested was kind of a big deal…

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Or you could say it downplays her deInfestation.

Wings of Liberty had little consequence, which is a shame because I like wings of liberty.

  1. Kerrigan got deinfested and reinefested. Okay Amon’s influence is gone but still.

  2. People of the Dominion seemed to have forgot about media blitz. Or at least there was no serious uprising, indication of Dominion free terran planets.

  3. Do we really think the colonist survivied? No indications of a cure for Zerg infestion in the sector.

  4. We don’t know what happened to Tosh. Mobius corp had specters. But Raynor’s Raiders also do in the epilogue. So maybe Tosh is alive. No sign of specters in the Dominion in Nova Covert Ops.

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Another misc story question what is the deal with Raynor’s Raiders in legacy of the void?

I know Raynor is made a Dominion commander, and Horner admiral. Are the Raiders disbanded and Raynor, Swann, Horner all just get jobs with the Dominion.

Are the Raiders an official Dominion outfit now?

Is Raynor with the Dominion but keeping the Raiders together as his own army because he’s not 100% certain of the Dominion?

Are those Dominion forces led by Raynor in the epilogue or Raynor’s Raiders (or both)?

Raynor is, i think, officially a commander in the Dominion, with the rank and clout that comes with. Horner is an Admiral in the fleet. The raiders are, i think, semi-integrated, with most of the major figures having a formal rank of some kind and the Hyperion being a government vessel rather than Raynor’s private ship. Presumably, a lot of the raiders still follow Raynor or Horner rather than Valerian, and i’d wager that when Raynor retired, so did a lot of the rank and file Raiders.