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What was the point of defending the temple on Shakuras (the second time)? Like did the Daelaam decide that they couldn’t bear the embarrassment of seeing Shakuras overrun and would rather see it destroyed (fine so far)? And that embarrassment merited the sacrifice of many warriors, when their entire civilization consists of whichever remnants made it off of Aiur in the SoA (???)?

Basically I get the Nerazim’s pov, but how would they get people like Karax or Artanis to sign on with that plan knowing they’re throwing Protoss away basically just for pride. Now that I think about it, this whole thing applies to the reclamation of Aiur too huh…

I am glad you asked, because now I can tell you why the Battle of Shakuras is one of the best moments in the whole of LotV and SC2.

What was the point and how come they signed up for this? Civilians were already evacuated during the previous mission and Protoss actually warp away their warriors before they take fatal damage very much like Artanis who was warped away just a moment before the explosion blew up the planet to smithereens.

How did Artanis sign for this? It was actually his idea to turn up Vorazun’s idea to eleven. Vorazun came up with the idea to blow up Shakuras, but Artanis improved by blueballing prideful Amon until the last moment in order to goad him into sending as many Hybrids on the surface. Hybrids are Amon’s most valuable resource, because they are not only his most powerful units, they are also his ultimate goal. Everything is disposable for Amon, except Hybrids.

Not only the Daelaam lost very little in terms of Protoss lives in this battle, they dealt Amon his second biggest defeat in Koprulu sector (and the biggest one until Second Invasion of Aiur.)

As for Karax, he wasn’t directly in the heat of the battle until Revanscar and Second Invasion of Aiur.

Addendum - Vorazun is underrated as hell.


This makes it make a hell of a lot more sense, thanks. But wait, then how do any protoss ever die in battle…what?

Well, they need to have a place to warp away.

So if they are far off, surrounded, cut off, stuff malfunctions… they die.

I always wanted a side dialogue between Karax and “Fenix” where Karax is the phase smith who messed up his psi blades so he died at Antioch.

Edit: really off topic but you reminded me when you said malfunctions leading to death

Off-topics are not an issue here, more of a tradition.

And yes I alluded to New Antioch.

Not died, just maim for life. Fun fact, the technology to warp away at the last second malfunction quite often (I suspect that baneling is particularly good at this). Also, even if it works, the Protoss is maim for life and live in a fluid tank.

Our prondest and oldest tradition!

If Amon’s attack on the Khala during the invasion of Auir was Pearl Harbor.

Shakuras was the Battle of Midway. Amon may have still been out there terrorizing the sector with the Golden Armada but when it came to the Daelam he pretty much suffered defeat after defeat after Shakuras. Much like Japan after Midway.

There were higher casualties in some cases but Amon lost every engagement with the Daelam from that point on.

The warp tech generally tries to get them out before that. Its not always successful, but they dont want legions of crippled warriors when they can have legions of healthy ones instead.

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Counter point, a legion of Dragoon exists.

Yeah, it works as a turning point in this sense.

I’ll just add that as a European I’m surprised by lack of credit to Battle of the Coral Sea from US folks. That’s the battle that gave them time and where Yorktowm was “destroyed” for the first time.

Yeah, because it isnt perfect. But that doesnt mean every warrior who warps out is automatically maimed for life.

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Yeah I think with Coral Sea both USA and Japan lost 1 aircraft carrier each. It was technically a draw in that sense.

But it was a strategic allied victory, and ended any real threat of an invasion of Australia.

I guess Shakuras sort of fits with Coral Sea as it was a Protoss loss too (they lost Shakuras) but it was a significant strategic advantage.

But the amount of maimed Protoss is enough for them to perfect the technology. Not to mention that enough was maimed that you can create an entire legion of Dragoon.

And really, the whole discussion is mooted, anyway. The technology might not be perfect, but the Protoss totally don’t have to be maimed. Just warp them out prematurely. Instead of warping them at the very last second, just warp them out when they’re at 10 or 15% life or something.

And how do you expect for this to work perfectly.

Perfectly? Don’t send any loved Protoss to battle field except for when absolutely necessary.

But really, they could’ve just make it better.

If you go full auto, then you have whole lot of other issues.

That is the most bland------ statement ever. Why don’t you make your English better? Why doesn’t Trick develop more social aptitude? Why don’t I stop being lazy when I study?

Why shouldn’t you? :laughing:

Anyway, as I suggested they can just activate the thing sooner and reduced the dying rate. Why don’t they?

How so? I’m very curious. Also, I already know that some technology really need a lived Protoss to operate so those fall under ‘absolutely’ exception that I refer.

From a numbers perspective, there were 5 billion zerg on Aiur on the second reclamation. Depending on how well did on Last Stand, Amon lost between 1-1.5 billion zerg, representing 17-23% of his total army. Not bad considering Artanis probably only produced < 200 units during that mission.