Mechanical Skill in the game good but bad for health

I know this may seem weird but could you give us an option to auto mule or maybe auto supply drop. or Auto crono a certain building as A tactical Decision. I know this may seem weird but its kind of a tactical decision if i leave it on auto cast . The zerg basically can stock eggs no longer requires timing why cant terran or protoss do the same. I kind of reviewing my games i feel like muling timing is very CRUCIAL IN ALL STAGES IN THE GAME. I was hoping i just can toggle scan on my 2nd orbital and my 1st orbital on auto just to mule if . If i lose to a DT rush its my fault for not having an energy for a scan as a tactical decision loss.

Honestly im getting old and my hands is kind of taking its toll. I dont mind making workers and such army as a macro skill but the mule part or supply drop can be taken away as a tactical decision to auto.

Its like this if a zealot have an option to auto charge off or on its a tactical decision but why cant a marine have auto stim when it attacks? So you marine can also trade well without looking.

How i see zerg is like this macroing eggs is like making units and CREEP is the only chore you do not getting supply block.

Toss is basically just point clicking tactical decision crono. or power overcharge. Making units and workers is basically just the only chore i see in this race. and stare at mini map.

So why cant you simply just make mule and supply drop a tactical decision to auto . This would help players below masters or scrub like me to get better at the game . So terrans chore will be more likely not get supply blocked and making workers and army.

Micro part is hard already .

I wish its not just the game balance that is studied and cared by the community and developers but players getting on how to get better at the game.

Seing how they designed the widow mine now is basically good game balance in all levels wish they make this kind of decisions and design more on how to make players be better at the game.