Meanwhile in an alternate universe

A hydralisk is panting in fear while shooting at the rampant human invaders, but to no avail as he is quickly overcome by their numbers. A roach arrives on the scene to burn them all with it’s corrosive acid killing the hapless hydralisk as well. The roach is caught in and perishes in an sudden, unexpected explosion. Another hydralisk shoots at the humans emerging from the flames of the explosion but runs out of spines soon after! Fortunately a spore crawler saves him from a grisly demise. The hydralisk aproaches another hydralisk sitting in the trench seemingly unconcerned with the war.

Hydralisk 2: points up at a Leviathan in the sky

The hydralisk looks up in awe at the huge space beast and the scene cuts to two Zerg observing the conflict from above.

Abathur: So… Zagara… I suspect you have a good reason to pull me away from my… “duties”.

Zagara: Your Sequences can wait my good Abathur. Come! Stand here, you need to see this.

Abathur: I know all about the humans Zagara! We’ve seen the tapes a hundred-

Zagara: YOU’VE SEEN NOTHING! Dissecting a dead human in an evolution chamber is one thing, unleashing them on Zerg is another! You must go into this with both eyes open… Once started, there is no going back.

Zagara:…Are you prepared to go all the way Abathur?

Abathur: Yes… Yes I am prepared to go all the way, my good Broodmother.

Zagara: Good. I knew i could count on you!

Anonymous Zerg: Broodmother, the hive cluster will be overrun in a matter of minutes, shall we intervene?

Zagara: Take us into orbit. We’ve Seen enough.

The scene then changes back to the hydralisk that was hoping for the air support they needed. As the Leviathan leaves the atmosphere, the hydralisk stares into the sky in disbelief and resignation. The screen pans out from the trench, and a lightning flash reveals a horde of humans rapidly approaching from both sides…

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For some reason, this make me feel like he’s talking to his grandmother or something.

As much as I want this place to die, this is actually pretty funny.


I got yer Terran right here hehehe!
sips drink
face gets impaled by bayonet

This is funny. I just finished my sc marathon play through as in sc 1- sc 2 ghost. More please.