Masteries during prestige

You literally just posted “it would be less of a grind if they simply balanced the prestige. In time, I’m sure there will be a lot of focus on fix, buffing, nerfing, even re-designing different prestige.” And now you’re flipping that on its head by saying “too bad lol.” Make up your mind.

Because obviously all of these fixes and redesigns happen in a vacuum at Blizzard and nobody should bother making complaints on the forums and alternate suggestions.


Not at all. If people like you don’t give it time, how in the world are devs going to change it?

Nothing wrong with wanting to access all prestige to enjoy your brutal+. It just won’t happen right away. So catering to these complaints is really pointless. That’s all.

Complaining without solution is just complaining.

Yeah, it’s so unfashionable to voice complaints when things release. Very gauche. It’s better to wait a few months after going through the grinding process. Then those complaints will have weight. That’s quite the Forum Etiquette Rulebook you have there.

Again, how exactly do you think devs arrive at the point of making changes? In their perfect, infinite wisdom, because game companies can do no wrong and solve every problem internally? At what point is it acceptable to make a complaint? Are you the arbiter of when that is? Send everyone a formal memo regarding the date and time upon which they can begin complaining about a feature they don’t agree with, please.


There is no way to have rational talk with people who use a well-poisoning logic like “Don’t do it if you don’t like it.” Time wasting.


Well said, my default icon comrade.

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Lmao, you two are just perfect for each other.

Take a look around at the topics people are actually posting and providing feedbacks.

If you really wanted to improve prestige, then play it then give feedback. (See Econ bug for Tychus, Zagara deep tunnel issue, Nova not reviving, Dehaka psionic consuming lag, etc). You two don’t really care about improvement and it’s obvious.

Plus, there are other programs to fast track you to full prestige, so just use that, problem solved (your weeks of grind turned to a day). You can enjoy the ones you like and use it for Brutal+. Keep saying the system sucks really helps, :+1:, cpt obvious 1 and 2 lol.

Don’t argue. It will drive you to strong drink with their stubbornness. They have decided that their opinion is right, and no force on earth or in the Blizzard forums will change their mind. The worst part, is that sometimes they even make a good point in their arguement.

Makes me really wish the dislike feature was here from the old forums.


It is so nice that you could be talking about almost anyone on here.

That’s pretty much the internet in a nutshell right there. At least our corner of the SC2 forums is a bit more civilized than certain parts. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah… I could have specified, but I felt that it would be bad to single anyone out. Maybe I should just delete the post.

Because prestige is not needed for play? People reached A1000 and beaten all mutations without prestige, prestige doesn’t change your ability to win games. Plus some prestiges are not appealing, I myself like only a few and see no point unlocking everything although I bought all commanders.

Than consider the name of new system - Prestige. If you get it for nothing it is not very prestigious, is it? Prestige implies an achievement, some skill. If leveling 1-15 is too hard for you - you are not ready for Prestige. Continue rock slapping till you are ready.


If u don’t like doing something in game then don’t do it or take a break from it.

If a certain prestige interest u then grind it and enjoy it once U level it. If u go straight back to grind after u level a prestige, u will hate it.

U have to pace urself.

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Ah, more good ol’ unwarranted skill-bashing, the hallmark of the civilized forum-goer. I like how “I don’t think we should have to sink time into grinding over and over” translates to “if ur bad @ game go home noob.” I also like how you consider pointless leveling to be “prestigious.” Behold! I leveled to 15 in a day. Shower me with your admiration!

This is a perfect example of how you resort to blanket strawmen. All iamgaming did was make a relatively benign and very true comment (that didn’t even talk about prestiges), and because I agreed with him, you were more than happy to toss him in with me and say how obvious it is that we don’t care about improvements.

And even though I already made a suggestion of how the grind could be less tedious (and roughly encompass all of the commander level unlocks that are actually effected by prestiges), here’s how the scenario would play out. I’d make a suggestion and you’d say, “I can’t help it if your suggestion is bad. Try harder.” And until the golden egg suggestion comes, clearly I-- sorry, we– don’t care about improvement and am only just complaining. Again, because you seem to think you’re the arbiter of everything on these forums while you contribute absolutely nothing yourself and only try to shut down people/threads you don’t personally like. You recognized the problem in your very first post and then nonsensically backpedaled to the cool guy ‘lol deal w/it’ mentality. You can’t even decide on a stance to take.

You’re the worst kind of personality type on a forum.


Are you kidding me? Most of the first prestige talents makes even doing the first 5 levels on a commander easy on brutal. This is a fairly weak argument here.

I remember unlocking Raynor’s first prestige and deciding to enter a brutal at level 1. Marines have more health with combat shield than they did non-prestige with max armor upgrades. Before level 10 and Venadium plating his Marines have 110 health with combat shield. They can tank Storms and Banelings like its nothing.

Why would anyone fight against QoL improvements?

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Mmm yes yes, I’m the worst.

Inconveniencing your forum experience just like how prestige is inconveniencing your gaming experience.

Weird, there’s a common factor here.

Nice. The first step is admitting you have a problem.


Lets go down the list for 1st prestiges that are good for leveling
Raynor: solid yes.
Kerrigan: nope.
Artanis: nope.
Swann: nope.
Zagara: SOLID nope
Vorazun: kinda?
Karax: nope
Abathur: nope
Alarak: yes
Nova: kinda
Stukov: Solid yes
Fenix: yes
Dehaka: kinda
HH: kinda yes?
Tychus: nope
Zera: yes
Stetmann: kinda
Mengsk: yes

So pretty much the only 1st prestiges that help leveling are for commanders that already have decent capabilities level 1. A lot closer to 50/50.

I would say nope for Vorazun P1 (more about QoL) and yes for Nova.

Tychus P1 is awesome for leveling. Pretty much makes it so you never need a healer with the power couple of Tychus and Sirius since the turrets are so expendable with the decreased cooldown and are a priority target while tanking. It also makes Vega useful as a first choice if you get her confusion upgrade first. Just mind control everything, grenade them while they’re confused, collect your new army.