Maru v Parting PvT

No need to guess who wins. The same ole thing happens every match

If Maru doesn’t have an answer then who does.


Low skill patch Terran Maru vs top tier Parting

Wonder what the result would be?


TY had an answer for him, two GSL seasons in a row.

That 30 minute game was actually great though, and was extremely neck to neck until the very end. I have not seen ultra late game in any of the 6 matches in quite a while.


TY, since he destroyed Parting twice.

Yes, the game was nice, you know a matchup is not onesided when it goes to the minute 30.

Maru probably lost because his late army was terrible, a bunch of vikings, some bio and only 1-2 meds, i guess he had no gas.

Today I saw clem vs showtime, there was a nice and long game with tons of fights, Showtime won in the end because he had 40 probes and clem just 25 workers, but was extremely efficient on every fight, on that game there was an amazing disruptor drop from the back, showtime backstabbed clem with two big shots from behind when he was fightin.


He was behind 1 to 2 bases all game. I surpised Maru didnt just call it when carriers came. Not sure if you would call the BM or not but when I stay in games like that the other player starts talking trash. but you never know maybe he tried to goat parting into making a mistake. And Parting did by throwing them away.

then again he could afford to do that because of the mineral lead.

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I don’t understand Maru fanboys who think he’s the best player lol


Maybe he is not the best player at the moment. And that is fine. Maybe Parting just better than Maru. which is also fine. I am just looking at the match from how it actually played out. Forget the names behind each player. That does not take away the fact that P was ahead 1 to 2 bases all games.

He could afford to throw away carriers because of the mineral lead… Then again T had Mules and mules is supposed to magically make up the minerals of another base or two. Before that threw away Zealot printer, threw away some DTs, and threw away a collusus.

This match up is how most PvT matches play out. And I honestly do not think this is fun just CRINGE.

Yes, at late game that is what happens. Economically Terrans with 25 SCV mine more than Protoss with 40 Probes. What matters more in ultra late-game is the supply of the Army that each race fields…Protoss 160 Army Supply and Terran 175 Army Supply.
So, Clem in late game was advantaged Army-wise and Economy-wise.
Sorry, no sympathy or excuse for terran here.


Ok terran on 2 bases mine more resources than P on 3 bases. good job.

yep you are correct.

I need you to come work for me as well. Ill have you do double the work of everyone else and pay you the same as everyone else as well. Then Ill tell you just because you did “twice the work” does’t mean you did twice as much and you deserve t he same pay as everyone else…

Dude, I’m a Maru fan and you can say what you want about me being a Maru fan but I genuinely think he’s the best Terran at LOTV but balance whining when your favorite players lose ? Its part of starcraft 2 pro play that top players lose to players of other races from time to time but its not a good reason to balance whine or claim that player X has no answer because race Y is OP especially when Terrans are doing fine against Protoss.

In fact the back and forth over 20 mins is an indication that the matchup is in a healthy state. Just l2p ask people’s help if you need to, get quality practice and stop balance whining. You do these and you might just be a better player who will start owning the protosses at your league.


The fallacy here is that work has a measurable output (also that you employ anybody) and that measuring work in an asymmetrical game is there same thing or parallel to that work.

However, it wasnt really back and forth. CC was significantly delayed in the beginning. T kept looking for opening to attack but could not find any. Protoss was just playing it safe since they had lead. Basically just won a battle of attrition because of mineral lead.

The match up was never back and forth. Terran could not do much at all.

I don’t say I dislike the match up becuase of wins/losses. its how the match up plays out. Number 1. Terrans is playing from behind. This game Maru played from behind from the beginning but had the skill to make it a long game. Just becuase the game was 20+ mins doesnt mean the result was ever in question.

The game was over when parting got carriers but Maru extended it for whatever reason.

Not in that game, not many available mules, that’s why he lost, and he needed scans to survive, that’s true when you have a good amount of OC and you are pretty safe, not when you are roaming around the map trying to catch the protoss who is trying to kill you, and they had around 125-145 supply, wasn’t even full lategame compositions.

The last GSL champion beat Parting to get there :stuck_out_tongue:

Why Maru? I think Cure and Innovation are way stronger right now, than Maru. Even TY looks better.

Cure isn’t respected enough and I’m not sure why, he is already near the top.

General consensus is that Cure is a low skilled patch Terran.

His whole career has been a lower tier Terran, except for this patch

hmm yea idk why ? He’s defintely not a patch Terran, he’s been good for so long. He’s a bit like the Korean Soul. he’s good but can kinda fall apart at tournaments sometimes but it seems like he’s getting better on tournaments now.

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Yeah, the same as people said Serral was a patchzerg and he was already an stablished top eu zerg before his domination, people love talking down, they don’t realize the players practice and sometimes that practice leads to some good results and sometimes not.Right now Cure is top 5 on aligulac, that alone makes him at least a good player.

The average e sport enthusiast whinner:

-Doesn’t really follow tournaments, just watch some few uncomplete games
-Mostly follows liquipedia page to see the results
-Whine when they see their favourite player lost
-Do not watch games as much as possible
-Do not care about player surroundings (like if he is practicing, studying, having health problems, schedule problems, record against players and race or even maps)
-Does not care about having fun while watching the scene, just care about his own race being buffed and takes every oportunity to trashtalk players and other races

edit: Forgot the most important thing, the average e sport enthusiast whiner loves Aligulac, they have it as homepage to see if they can use some data in their whinnings to make sure it looks like a legit complain.


He lost because he is he. No terran worth his salt is short of OC inlate-game. For God’s Sake we have seen Zergs begin using Macro-Hatch those days…