[Main thread 03/29] Co-op Commanders Level set to 5

EU server, just noticed this today and was like WTF - good that this bug is well known and has history. Hope Blizzard team will fix it soon! I’m glad it didn’t affect my Abathur or Stukov :grin:

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Thanks for the update!

Me too, I’m in NA servers tho.

Having the same problem. It’s been a while since I’ve played and so I was worried that Bliz had taken away Raynor and Artanis as free commanders, but I’m glad to know it’s just a bug that they are working on. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Same problem here. Besides, the “purchase” button gone too for other commanders that i haven’t purchased.

Same issue since 3 days ago
Hope they will find how to fix it soon :slight_smile:

its just Kerrigan, Artanis and Raynor for me that have been set back to level 5 again

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Same. My free commander lvl back to 5 again

I am having this bug too, but it seems that there are 2 bugs based on what I read, 1: ALL commanders are re-set and capped at lv5 reguardless of purchase. 2: Only the starting 3 commanders are re-set capped at lv5.

I am having the same problem artanis is back to level 5 instead of 15. Is this going to get fixed?

Once again a bunch of my commanders are set to lvl 5

It’s been almost a week and the free commanders are still stuck at level 5 and says it needs to be purchased

Once again, exactly the same thing, after a week my commanders have been set to level 5

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It happened to me too. The first three commanders - Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis are capped at 5. I tried to reinstall the games and also played a few games try to level it up. It didn’t work. I used to have them fully leveled.
The other two commanders I bought (Swann and Tychus) are fine though.

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Just as what happened on my part

Just coming to make noise and say that I’m experiencing the same thing. 3 starter commanders locked at 5. Does anyone know if any play time with them gets the xp loaded retroactively after the bug is fixed (based on previous resurgences of this bug)?

On the chance that this will somehow be read by the devs, let me propose some questions to track down this bug:

What changed the day this started?
Why is it affecting only certain accounts?
What do those accounts have in common?
What about the system is allowing free (“un-cappable”) commanders to be capped?

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I am Having the same problem,

Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis, are all stuck at level 5.
I’ve tried logging in and out several times and they are still at level 5.
I also own Wings of Liberty and the Ghost Expansion.

Someone please help

Same problem! Happned yesterday to me after a friend crashed in the mutation. Directly after i had raynor, kerrigan and artanis capped at lvl 5. In reality i have all fully prestiged and at lvl 15. Hope they fix this quick…

Same issue here. This is the second time.