Lurker Imbalance

Lurker range with no friendly-fire con

Lurker has a really long range with no consequences, Siege tank has a con that it can damage owner’s units, though this Lurker is OP cause you don’t need to spread them as they don’t damage themselves or other units like the tanks do.

Its too powerful to deploy, the tanks however are not cause they don’t burrow and it takes longer to transition to mobility. In addition notice how their spikes damages no friendly units but the enemy’s. It’s not logical.

Please also consider their HP and the SwarmHost’s HP.

Thank you

Siege tank range with no tech tree con

Tanks are not logical. They show up extremely early into the tech tree. Lurker’s “really long range” requires upgrades on HIVE. Siege tank shows up like 3-4 minutes in the game with zero consequences. Tank is OP because it one shots ling bane and destroys roach ravager.

Siege tank is extremely OP and should be nerfed. It’s not logical. It requires simply a factory with a quick add on and has zero consequences.

Zerg can’t even bait the friendly fire easily with complete removal of infested terran.

Lurker requires late game hive to deploy, the tanks however do not. They only require a factory and a tech lab and outrange everything in the game. Siege tanks are insanely powerful. It’s not logical.

Please also consider their 13 range and insane splash damage and ability to abuse positions behind rocks.

Thank you



Tabks used to require research to siege. For that matter marines used to require research to shoot at max range.

< zerg rant> But just like combining armor upgrades, too many buttons confuses terran players so they have to come out of the box with all the bells and whistles. </zerg rant>

Lol but the Swarm host isn’t OP? it keep shooting these flying minions with no long intervals like the infestor used to shoot the infested marines… and they’re really hard to kill… the Tank can be killed easily by Mutas and Mutas can be brought up quick no?

Why dont you just use your counters. What counters swarm hosts better than libs air control and hellbats? What counters lurkers better than ghost libs or even having a stupid high tank count. Look muta comes out early sure at 100/100 and you need a good number to do anything sustainable but a good muta timing comes out at what 530 6 minutes if you have the economy and even then one or two thors crush that or even a clump of widow mines. You have so many hard counters to Zerg its not even funny so instead of complaining about our units why don’t you learn more about your own?

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HA HA HA HA HA. Comparing a tier 4 unit to a tier 2 unit. What is a scan too hard to cast? There is this flying thing called a luberator that is immune to lurkers. And another flying thing called a raven that is a detector. If you pair those 2 things together you can beat the crap out of infinate lurkers.

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Haha, you’re right the tank siege upgrade should remained… though zerg can send many lings to the tank with their speed upgrade and destroy it quick or Mutas yes? but the Swarm host cannot be killed by group of banshees… what exactly could kill them quick? they’d be shooting their swarms at your base and destroy it real quick “OP” Lurker however also will need flying unit, so mass Banshees are required they cost more than Mutas and cannot be mass produced like Mutas and they have only ground attack unlike Muta can be used for other purpose than just killing the tank. I mean I’m not

L2p, seriously. You obv suck hard.

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean… and yes I suck hard after HOTS released, I had no issues with WOL… I became Master 3 times. Since these new units came out you noticed at beginning everything was IMBA. All Zerg’s units are OK for me except Lurkers and Swarm Hosts they need to be reconsidered.