Low FPS after PC upgrade

Hello everyone,

I am kinda lost…

I recently upgraded my PC, sadly for my beloved SC2 this upgrade resultet in lower Frames then before… (Old Specs: ryzen3600 rx 5600xt)

My Specs:
Ryzen 5700x
RX 6700xt
32GB 3600mhz Ram
B550 Asrock Board.

i reach hardly 60 FPS in any Gamemode, at ANY setting or resolution mostly hovering around 50-55 FPS.

I tried any available combination of V-sync/Freesync/Fullscreen(or windowed)
Utilization of my CPU hovers alongside 1%…

It´s a clean win 11 Install with all new drivers…

The game is palyable and all, but i kinda expect more in the neighbourhood of 100+FPS in lower settings with a modern setup like mine…

Are my Expectations wrong? Does anybody have an idea whats going on if not?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

my pc is similar, r5 5600x and the rx 5700xt with a asus tuf 550 board and im getting a solid 200fps most of the time, gets ruff in 3v3 if there alot of zerg but for the most part its been good. you might want to try going back to win 10 instead of 11 and see what your fps. Im betting its more that than anything else.

ok, so atleast my expectations are not wrong :smiley:

may i ask: What is your CPU utilisation, and whats more important i think: At what clock is it running while u game? (My CPU stays around 1GHz if ryzen Master is correct)

further: Do you run with Freesyncy or Vsync or both turned off?

Thanks for the reply btw :slight_smile:

everything is normal setting, i have not overclocked or touched anything i do not know what it was clocking in game, wasnt really paying attention to that, just wanted to see the fps in afterburner and that was about as far as i got. Maybe tonight if i remember ill throw it on and take a look, but im am a stoner and frankly my brain is fried when it comes to remembering the little things like that, between that and the kids, remembering to actually do little things is one of my biggest problems in life. But if i do remember ill throw it on and give you a hollar. I do plan on drinking tonight so chances might be slim.

just a heads up i did not forget, but it will take me a min to upload it to youtube and figure that all out and link it to you. Fair warning youll have to skip through the lulls in the video where i run off and do otherstuff and dont interact or play a game. Anyways i hope this will help you seeing as our rigs are very close with the exception of windows 11v10. Also fair warning for those who dont like mockery and other stuff and have that hurt my feelings kind of life this video is not for you, as i frankly dont care about others feelings. so with that being said if you all dont like the video i dont care. its up and its there . have fun watch it if you want. it will be posted as soon as im done recording and figure out how to upload it to youtube from obds.

What is refresh rate in Graphic settings?

Looking forward to the video! Thank you very much !

i tried diffrent settings… For fullscreen 120hz
for windowed, it should take the deskopt refresh rate, which is also 120Hz :slight_smile:

[Star Craft 2 Ryzen 5600x Gigabyte Rx5700xtgaming fps - YouTube]

theres the link to it. sorry it took forever to upload last night

also my ingame graphic setting are on the medium setting,

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