LotV Aiur Missions Achievement Bug

I’m trying to earn all the achievements in the LotV campaign. I’ve earned all the missions’ three achievements that show up on the mission overview, but I think there’s a bug because it shows that I haven’t completed all the Aiur Missions’ achievements. It says I’m missing the achievement for “The Growing Shadow.” I am not, they have all been completed. Anyone know how to fix this?

Redoing the mission in question and doing what’s necessary to get the achievement?
Seems the easiest thing to try.

Otherwise there’s the brute force of deleting cache, or even reinstalling the whole game, but I don’t like those methods, so I would say wait for other answers and/or try other softer things before going there.

I am not sure what “The Growing Shadow” achievement is. Sorry too lazy to look it up I’d admit haha.

But one of the possible issues is that you may have lost Bnet connection (not necessarily internet) prior to obtaining the achievement. Therefore, it ended up with the achievement not being registered online and thus you not getting it.

Unfortunately, the only way to ‘fix’ this is to perform the achievement again.