Looking for Indonesian Player

So I want to find Indonesian players in Starcraft II who are still active until now, because looking for players who are in one country, especially in Indonesia, it’s hard to find it. So if you are one of the players from Indonesia, you can join in our Discord. We really hope we can restore the spirit of Indonesia in playing the Starcraft II game.

Ask me for the link server Discord, here my ID Discord : XYLOM4N#3357

Hey, I sent you a friend request via discord.

I’m not indonesian myself however I am part of the CranKy Ducklings, we host Amateur and Open SEA based tournaments, as a result i can try and get you in contact with the Indonesian players who have competed in our tournaments.

Sorry about my slow response, I accepted your friend request on Discord.
So I beg for your help, thank you for helping me, I will contact you at Discord

Gan add saya dong saya butuh temen maen buat latihan tq

Sudah bro, sorry slow respon

hai! masih bisa join server discord untuk player SCII Indo? saya baru main SC lagi nih setelah terakhir kali main SC jaman jebot hahaha butuh temen main & sharing untuk belajar main SCII, kalo masih bisa ini id discord saya:

id : lazynutt94#6156


Bro, server yang enteng buat main itu server mana ya?, Asia / America / China / Eropa ?, scara server SEA/SG nggak ada

Guys, what server that playable in our country?, because we know that SEA / SG server isn’t available on Starcraft 2

di accept dong discordnya
aku juga main SC2

Hai, yang baru liat forum ini aku cuma ingatin kalau aku sudah ga main SC2 karena kondisi laptop sudah tidak mampu lagi jadi hanya bisa main game lain kek Fall Guys sama Genshin. Mungkin bakal kembali lagi setelah upgrade laptop, jadi kalau kalian mau cari pemain Indo lagi bisa cari di Facebook, itu ada grubnya nanti minta join Whatsappnya saja. Aku berharap bisa main lagi sih, jadi kangen :frowning:

Hi, are you still looking for players from indo?