Looking for a cool Group/Clan to choin

Hello people,

im searching for a nice and friendly group or Clan to join. I play Zerg at dia-level. Im searching for people, who like to play 2vs2, custom, 1 vs 1,… or just training - doesn’t matter - but pls with headset or something :slight_smile:

looking forward :slight_smile:

im looking to start a clan with a couple of people mostly focused on climbing the ladder and getting better im gold 1 right now so message me back on here or my discord Chapter Master Amerial#0123 that is if you have any interest

Message me on Discord @ DiOrcus#4210 to join clan Heretics. We’re a clan of mostly diamonds with a sprinkling of the lower leagues and there’s always someone on the craft in the clan, usually.

hey if you are still trying to find people to play with im down im gold 2 right now

Hi :slight_smile:
I am not in a clan but I have a group of friends and we play almost every day- usually 2v2s. You are always welcome to join our Battle.net Group/ Voice Chat :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me JazzisGaming#2600

Hi Catsgame, I tried to message you regarding Heretics on discord but the message seems to get blocked. I have sent you a pending friend request, would be awesome to hear from you.

@Catsgame and @JazzisGaming I added you on Discord / Bnet

Just write us dude. we have cool community in discord. AncientPower#7408

Im also looking for a clan to join if anyone is interested in having me, I’m a mid plat player but I’d love to have some friends to hang around with! My Discord is Waterbaby#0872

I am on NA, usually. Not on EU. Sorry for the confusion. Try adding me again from NA, perhaps.