Looking for a clan or team to help me improve

Hi, I am looking for a clan/group/team that might help me improve my skills on the ladder and tournament style play in SC2. I am currently diamond 2(3700ish) mmr as Protoss, which I main. I like to play around as all races and I’ve placed diamond as Terran and Zerg as well. Thanks.

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I won’t go into too much details here. You have can go more in-depth here:

Hopefully the link is working.

It just so happens that we have a master level protoss - a great guy, loves coaching and helping others. Plus a boatload of other great players (skill and attitude-wise), many of whom are protosses in upper leagues.

And we also have a discord if it helps :smiley:

OMEGA #2551

You should join one vs. many.