Like roach ravager,,, why not hydra --- bigger hydra?

ok, ravagers are good, and nice artillary.

hydras are good, but later on are like, dang. they die too fast.

maybe hydras could morph into, “big” hydras?? like, they don’t even get different, just bigger and harder.

I mean it could even be called “bigger hydra”, if that’s funny. But I’m sure they could just be like, stage-2 hydralisks. (normal evo upgrades being a separate thing). THey wouldn’t have any special abilities, just more damage, more armor, and more life.

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lurkers aren’t just big hydras they are FAT hydras

Now we’re talkin, bigger hydra. lol :smiley:

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I love this idea in ladder. Maybe you want the ability to evolve Hydralisks into Hunter-Killers? (Like in SC1 or Zagara in Co-Op mode)

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firstly , my wife says she is happy with the sizse of my hydra .

secondly , i think that is actually a really good idea . cause its just resource transition , and fits in to zerg way of things .