LF Active Clan pls read

Hello, let’s make this short and quick. I won’t go overboard with personal details, if your really interested then contact me through discord.

I’m a Protoss Master 3 whose trying to get back into the game, I’m looking for a group of chill guys who love ladder and teams. Along with an active in game clan as well as discord or TS3, I’m NOT looking to join massive clans like Ris3n and TAW.

Rather than get forgotten in the thousands in a chain of clans owned by a singular ORG, I am looking for a tight knit community/ clan.

Thanks please reply here if reciting or launching new clan, my blizzard deets are FrosT#16894
And discord is Rainfall#2087

Clan Heretics might just be the group of “chill guys” that you are looking for. We have a clan discord, our active players are mostly Diamond 2 and above, and we host peepmode games regularly (I know some clanmates do teams together too.) I added you on both Discord and Battlenet. Contact me for more details. We do have a Code of Conduct that you have to abide by if you wish to join though, but we can discuss that once you DM me.

Come check out Team Gosu we’re really active and often have in-house tournaments and we complete in several team leagues that accept people of all skill levels. discord.gg/yT5fnn

Hello FrosT, I’m the founder of our new clan Active 1v1 Players is our name. As the name states we are a clan focused on 1v1’s and ladder, but teams is okay if people want to do that. I have a discord available and right now were close to ten members. We’re growing quickly daily and I am on everyday and discord is available to all at anytime. I want to link up 1v1 players who enjoy ladder but want a community to chat and have fun with and relieve some of that stress and pressure. So come check us out :slight_smile:

is your clan still active?


Some of our masters player still playing, but mostly people drifted off on a lost ark in search of something called in elden ring in order to avoid being part of the genshin impact.

Looking for peeps to game with. Hit me up Steel#12172.