Legacy of the Void Cutscene Freeze

I’ve been a Starcraft player since '98! I recently purchased the Legacy of the Void campaign. The cutscene after mission 8 when the Protoss fly into the big purple rift, it freezes at the same spot every time.

I’m using a Power Mac,OS X 10.11.6
2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo,NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 MB.

My machine is no spring chicken, but it was refurbished and beefed up about 4 years ago. I don’t know very much about tech stuff, but its run SC2 just fine so far :confused: I really wanna keep playing this campaign!

Hey, Shadetree! The current graphics card and operating system is below requirements. Starcraft II requires a minimum of MacOS Sierra (10.12) and above GT 640M graphics card. This is likely why it continues to freeze at the same place in LotV, there isn’t much that we can offer troubleshooting for when it comes to a system below the minimum requirements.

Thanks! I figured as much after doing more research. :+1:

Hi, I just faced exactly the same issue on my old macbook. I could find a workaround. Actually i did three things simultaneously, but i assume only the first was actually necessary:

  1. press escape to skip the cutscene as soon as I saw the starship
  2. run StarCraft 2 in windowed mode
  3. turn some sound settings off

Hope this helps!