Keeping Track of Heart of the Swarm Brutal Completed

Is there any way of keeping track of how many Heart of the Swarm missions you have completed in Brutal Mode?

In the master archives, each mission should show what difficulties you completed the mission on.

Those disappear once you switch computers it seems

The progress should carry over.

I checked my Hots progress on a new laptop that I’ve never used to play SC2. I looked in the Master Archives and found that my progress had carried over.

It may just take some time for the server to update a new computer. Try clicking around the different modes like Coop, Custom (Arcade, Melee), Collection, etc. Perhaps that might prompt the servers to upload the data to you.

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “progress”
I do know that the game keeps track of what missions I’ve accomplished in Brutal mode, but I’m no longer seeing the completion times. I’ve had this computer for over a year now

I meant a combination of completed missions on Brutal and the completion times.

When I checked the Hots Master Archives on a new laptop that I just recently installed SC2 on (for the first time) and also haven’t played any campaign missions on, the completion times were there.

Above, when you said that it disappeared when switching computers, I thought you meant that you recently switched computers and the times were not there.

Anyways, I just hope Blizzard implements that feature