Karax P1 Offense

See title. Can it be done? I can see Monolith being used to help teammates “push” into bases thx to its range, but that’s kind of a stretch. (Unlike Zeratul’s cannons)

If not, then what do P1 players do when they’re going offense?

I’d think of it as per the mindset P0 grants – and like even before the time Prestiges came into the picture – what with having one offensive Probe that’d you hotkey would be the MVP, which helps you and/or your ally push into bases/objectives, especially with the Upgrade that lets you spawn defensive buildings instantly.

Besides that, it helps especially when Sentinels are arguably the best mineral sink this game has to offer, what with their recent buff and working off of two bases from the mid-game.

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Prior to prestiges, offensive cannon is a viable strategy, and it still remains viable. With P1, this becomes far easier, taking away have of the shortcomings that the previous-P0 player has to deal with.

The key to offensive cannon is your knowledge of mission timing/rotation. So that you get there before they do. Scrambling to defend what’s already coming is what makes most people fail in this particular avenue.

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What about missions such as Void Shards and Crystals where you have to go out and kill/pick up things? Do I just focus on bringing Energizers and provide Zealots/Immortals as meat shield?

EDIT: I forgot I could also use SoA.

Generally, when you’re going offensive cannon, you’ll have a ton of unused/spare resource to allow you to get far in SoA. So SoA is a necessary component to doing offensive cannon well.

SoA, the mission, is particularly more difficult for this strategy. It requires you to push (assuming your ally is either not present or completely incompetent). So since nobody is there to ‘help you’ clear areas to set up, you have to do it yourself.

This is where your point hits home. I’d say Immortals are probably very pointless and resource heavy, without much benefit that Sentinels cannot cover. One thing you’ll always be making as offensive cannon strategy is Energizer. Incidentally, this is also a great way to get rid of a few key units that sometimes get in your way.

Combining it all, you need a good build order (fundamental to anything coop really), knowledge in SoA use (strike those void rifts), and relative decent resource balance (ie. how many and where to place defensive structures to get the job done).

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Thanks for yuor suggestions. I asked because a Nova player decided to solo the whole mission without even using an Exp. I felt kinda useless. XD

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Yes. With the combination of top bar abilities and cannons. OS can stun the enemies while your probes place your cannons.

I like doing this with Swann’s P2 statics as well. Both as its advantages and disadvantages. Like Swann’s is not instance build but you can salvage his static for minerals. Karax’s is instance warp in but you can’t salvage it.

Yeah, Nova is in a different league for SoA. It actually functions better for speed going one base as Nova to do that mission.

That said, you can probably find a speed run of SoA as Karax from LilArrin on YouTube. If I recall it was something like 15min ish? And that’s solo.

Not to say do like LilA lol, but watching it you get an idea of what’s possible by doing what.

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its definitely viable, but 9 times out of 10 you are just working way harder than you have to when you could have just done P2 carriers or Zealots/Energizers instead.

Yeah, Karax prestige is rather extreme compare to others (maybe?), either mobile or turtle, I wish they are more versatile, like give us those tranferrable cannons in WoL beta.

Thx, I will check it out.

On maps that are not inherently defensive, whenever I get a P1 Karax, they just make a lot of defenses at home and don’t do much on the map. So what I do is I ignore the attack waves unless they come after my bases. That way, those static defenses are at least doing something rather than sitting there and being useless all game.

So simply put, it’s possible, but it’s not easy. And most P1 Karaxes out there don’t do it.

Yeah, cannon pushing is definitely possible, but going units still easier. And don’t forget to support ally with SoA while your army is not ready to go out.

If you have some units go in ahead of your probe… you would be surprised what the probe can get away with. Just mind the siege tanks.

You can actually get a lot of photons up and running pretty quick.

Knowing the spawn points and timings means you can throw up those defenses to take out the waves as they spawn in. This can work very well on Mist Opportunities where you end up camping every spawn, but it helps to have an aggressive ally.

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Offensive towers are usually a hard sell. On defensive maps, they’re nice. ON mission where you need to defend, they’re nice too. I set up tower lines in key defensive areas like on MO and CoA (away from our bases, but at “attack wave intersections”). This, with some SoA lasers is enough to take care of attack waves. It’s nice since you don’t need to move your units back and forth, taking up valuable time (unless you have good mobility)

Nice on “all in” situations, as it gets expensive to have to make enough cannons “everywhere”. For example, on the last leg of P&P, or SoA. For a P&P game, I messed up and lost alot of Nova units. My ally was able to compensate and make a lot of monoliths to take down the final hybrid boss.

I’ve pitched in towers you could “recall to salvage”, as I feel like Zeratul’s already got that covered. Here, instead of recalling units to the Nexus, you just remove towers from the map, but get back the resources that they cost. Adjust the area and cd to suit balance.

Dog I’ve been doing offensive cannons with Karax since he came out. You can do it with Swann too and go pure SCV.

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