Karax Carrier Cost Bug

Before level 14, when his carriers turn to the special carrier that can heal, the prestige Templar Apparent does not work. The price is reduced for every other unit except the carrier until you reach level 14 and it becomes the Karax specific carrier. This may be easily missed by people getting to max level after 1 game but I can assure you this is happening.

It’s the same with Colossus, the price wasn’t reduced for me. Observer too but that’s likely intentional (but shouldn’t be!).

Did it change at level 15?

Yeah pretty sure it did.

Just had the same issue,

I had the prestige active at but at level 1, the carrier still had the non reduced price of 455 min 325 gas.

at level 1 no discount
At 15 the upgraded repair carriers have the discount, no idea for levels 2-14