Just finished completing Co-op!

With today’s small grind of the Brutation, I have now effectively “completed” Co-op. Every achievement is unlocked, I am Ascension 1000, I have all prestiges unlocked and every Commander maxed out.

Now I never have to look at Brutations again and can just do whatever during games.



However, I find it a shame you’re going to drop brutations. With all your experience, skill and prestiges, you’d be a great asset to carry poor players from global chat ^^

Well, even I could sometimes use a decent partner [particularly experienced one with mutations], they’re tough indeed, so you’re like a pro to me ^^

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While I appreciate the kind words, generally speaking, Brutations aren’t for me. There’s a lot of mutators and mutator combos that I absolutely HATE running into. Void Rifts and Microtransactions are the first two that come to mind.

Congratulations man.

Congratulations. I considered my coop journey to be complete when I reached lvl90 and maxed all the prestiges.

I kinda see where you’re coming from. I’m mainly in it for the XP bounty, especially since I’m going through the prestiges (really glad I jumped a few levels, notably with the easier ones that came my way, as some of them are a grind, with nothing to show for until you unlock key talents).

I’ve been intrigued to try out at least once, but I’m not good enough to do many of the Brutations (instead, I aim for HARDtations). I feel the same way about the achievements. I’ll try to get some of them, but won’t put a huge emphasis on them if they become a “80% effort for 20% rewards” type deal. TBH, I’d rather pour my time into other areas of this game, or simply other games.

Don’t get me wrong though, my hats off to others who have done it all. For me, none are really going to care (be impressed or disappointed) that I didn’t get some of these.

I mostly did it for completion’s sake. I was close enough that I wound up finishing the grind.

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Congratulations on your accomplishment. I would like 0.2% of the credit for supporting you, mostly by acknowledging your grievances while you were prestiging (don’t think this is a real word) Kerrigan.

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Those who I’ve played with (and weren’t toxic little critters!) equally deserve credit. There was a lot of unfun prestiging going on. Raynor and Kerrigan were my most aggravating to level, as their tools are so… Bad against so many things until near max, or Mastery. Stukov was the most boring.

Unironically, Alarak was the most fun to level. I guess that’s probably because I main him and can play him from level 1 all the way to Mastery 90 with not too much of an issue.

Only in 1 server? 1/3 of the way done :slight_smile:

Lol, that’s a bit extreme. Good on ya for going the extra 2000 miles. Personally, I never saw the real point on maxing everything out on the other 2 servers.

I see it as playing the same game 2x more. It’s like once I have the all Brutal Campaign done way way way back, there really is no real point of completeness (per se) for playing it 2x more. Although, in that case at least there’s choice differences whereas coop is exactly the same from server to server.

There is, however, value in playing as fresh sub90 and/or fresh level 1 commander(s) on other servers because that’s a side change for the occasional amusement. But for the sake of completeness to max every achievements on 3 separate servers definitely seem of little value, especially bad players are bad players regardless of servers lol. And carrying on one server is no different than carrying on another, when the missions and flow are no different.

Congrats. Imagine Blizz letting 1000 prestige players to do 2v2 coop PvP. XD

Thanks but I don’t want to play with 200 ping in the KR server, or 120 in EU. Not when I already regularly play high APM commanders. Mix that with others like Stukov, Zagara, Kerrigan, or Stettman and the game becomes literally unplayable.