James raynor the biggest simp in the universe?

he probably ended up killing millions of people and puts his forces at risk to save his disgusting insect girlfriend who then betrays him and turns back into a bug.

i was redoing the zerg missions on brutal and in one of the missions theres a side objective where you open the city gates so the zerg can get in and slaughter everyone.

This when you think about it is all raynors fault for not killing her.


This is quality general discussion. unlike balance whine losers.

Keep up the good work


ikr balance whiners disgusts me, the lowest level of starcraft.


Yeah, SC2 Raynor is pretty lame. “You’ve fallen a long, long way, brother.”

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SC2 has garbo writing and plot in general.

He went from vowing to kill Kerrigan in BW after she betrayed and killed Fenix, to white knighting her at the expense of millions upon millions of lives in SC2


im on the final mission of brutal hots and it gets worse, he actually calls in the Hyperion to help her.

hes sending in marines 5 at a time that instantly die to siege tanks, so hes also a gold leaguer.


biggest simp in the universe CONFIRMED

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the hots brutal was bar far the easiest i have made nothing but roaches that spawn in baby roaches for almost the whole game and have destroyed every mission, hots was the worst campaign as well.

although the baby roaches are fun.

To be fair, Raynor was trash since sc.

The real simps are the incel team who thought he’d be the character to base the game on.


“Woman leaves oppressive boyfriend, finds hidden power she didn’t know she had, proceeds to save the day.”

It’s a cheesy woke storyline and I haven’t even bothered to play the LotV campaign yet. It’s like a pink haired twitter feminist wrote it. Nothing of substance, just woke virtue signalling.


that wasnt even what happened she doesnt save the day she killed countless people in the hots campaign, the legacy one was actually good.

my mass roach plan has failed me, it is time to spam gg lords and A-move to victory like a true zerg.

If youre talking about the assault on Mengsk, didnt Kerrigan promise to stay away from the civilians? She was taking on Mengsk’s forces, not massacreing the planet.

The zerg just up and left after deposing Mengsk


no the one before that with the infested biles that shoot up at turrets, theres a side quest where you open the city walls to let the zerg in.

She did save the day, with stunning bravery!
After she’s granted God level powers for doing nothing except whatever she wanted for two campaigns in a row(all bad things btw).


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I still find a bit strange how some people complain about some aspects in SC story line (which, agree, might have here and there some plotholes and plot induced stupidity and things that doesn’t make sense).

However I don’t see how Kerrigan had betrayied Raynor by reinfesting herself? At that time she thought he is dead, killed by Mengsk, and she just wanted revenge while she had nothing to lose (neither much of a connection left with other humans).

Also she or her zerg killing lots of Mengsk forces is normal strategic war operations to assure her success and to dismantle for good Mengsk base of power as well, eliminating future threats (even so she didn’t fully succeed with that, see later Valerian and Nova troubles with Arcturus loyalists left behind).

Sure, she isn’t the nicest person around most of the time, and she have (mass) murder tendencies when is pushed but some people are really too harsh on her character, sometimes for comical reasons. She might be on top of the scale (except for Amon) but she is far from unique in SC in this regard. Also her more murderous period was as her first incarnation as Queen of Blades when she was really messed up suffering as well Amon subtle influences, getting used with her new zerg transformation and desires for revenge, power and even human feelings (she still kept a soft spot for Raynor who she spared every time she could have getting him killed)


It’s already canon that the Zerg avoided killing civilians and targeted military targets that were following a military dictator. The cutscene literally stresses that Kerrigan gives up valuable tactical drop areas to give the civilians time to evacuate at the cost of allowing Mengsk’s forces time to prepare. Honestly the simps are the BW versions of Kerrigan and Raynor for following Mengsk despite the clear signs of his instability and callousness.

Second, no matter how you look at it, not killing her prevented Amon from killing all life…even if she killed every human on Korhal it would still be a substantially smaller number of what would have been lost.


I was really dissapointed that Blizz decided to ‘survive’ Raynor from Nova’s headshot.

After that, Zeratul’s death.
Atleast Zeratul did try to redeem himself for his faults in the most proper way possible. He went into exile, finally got a hold of himself after meeting certain Preserver and went on quest to save the Universe. Taking only few followers with him. And he did. And even Vorazun admited that he was a savior.

Only thing that works for Raynor is that Zeratul warned him about possible consequences of Kerrigan’s death, and that it will be Raynor who will determine her fate ( technically, Zeratul is a savior again ).

So yes, Raynor sucks.

LotV campaign is about Artanis and Alarak though.
Q doing pranks and having fun as always=)

HotS campaign though… ugh

And remember, Raynor killed his friend.

I recognized John De Lancie’s voice IMMEDIATELY he was so awesome