It is a big amazing

Only in Starcraft somone will say that 3 is the same as 4 because of X. Tallk about people needing to go back to 1st grade and learn you to count.

X is normalized in sample…

I wouldnt want to. I would like to keep this as simple as possible so every one can understand.

With that being said. If you mine out 4 bases you clearly mined more minerals than someone that mined out 3 bases.

Yet people that play protoss is trying to say that because of mules that terran has more minerals. they are not factoring in that they have chorono. Yes there are a lot of differrent variables to consider however.

You can never have more minerals mining out 3 bases than somone that mined out 4 bases. I do not understand the logic of SC players.

It is mining rate vs total resource mined. Protoss has higher mining rate than terran. Even with mules. On top of that they have more efficient units.

Nobody cares about opinions. The data shows Terran is more cost effective.

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On a previous post the vegetable said that he (the vegetable) has a Degree in…Mathematics.
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That’s why protoss as soon as they see Marines …they rush …Voids.
Somebody put this guy out of his misery.
This is a GM Player (with a Diploma in Mathematics)…
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GM, math degree, but definitely failed elementary English class

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The link you posted in the OP shows Terran doing significantly better in match up specific cost efficiency.

Just because a few units, like Immortals, have really high average cost efficiency in practice (because they’re microed like crazy to keep them alive, especially in PvZ), does not mean that Protoss is trading efficiently.

Also from the link you posted: Zealots are at 0.62 - Marines are at 1.56, stalkers are at 1.55, Marauders are at 1.75.

The Terran units that are made the most have better efficiency.


Misunderstanding unit counters is a big nonsense from you. A unit can be efficient without being spammed against units that counter it. If a unit is only efficient if it beat the counters, no unit is efficient. By your “logic” no unit is efficient… too many bulbous words and not enough logic.

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Can you speak my language well? No… so does that mean I win the argument? My second language better than yours… more nonsense from forum trolls…

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This is a nonsense. Maguro show protoss units more efficient. All the protoss unit are at top of the list! Marines don’t come close to immortals…

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You do ad hominem because you lose debate. Bulbous words are weak strategy!

Too much nonsense on these forum…

Are you Maguro? Deflecting won’t do you any good. Repeating your mantra won’t do either.

I like how sh is 2 times more effective than any other unit. Right below would be infested marine, if they didn’t remove it. FREE UNITS DON’T BELONG TO RTS!!! Afterwards follows immortal, did you know they buffed immortals in LOTV? I did unit test in past and couple immortals can take out much more hydras than in HOTS!!! Because now they are literally immortal for a while. If you can activate shield, yes than they are weaker. But when you have masses of them, this doesn’t matter… Sometimes they can literally run into 20 lurkers and kill everything…

I like that next is ravager, because he can break force fields and can kill even air units, i always thought ravagers are OP! Than disruptor, you trade cooldown for units, which cost gas. Even Terrans split well, so it is not so easy on top level, they still pay off mostly… I always hated this units, colossus was much better, even once Protoss got one OP protoss ball, he was literally unstoppable, but at least it was not easy to get there!

WM only 1.14, this shows how useless this piece of crap is!!! Even in HOTS, mines would stop work at certain point. If you maxed on ling/bane, it was just more efficient and they are skillcaped, once Zerg reaches certain level, there is nothing you can do.

  • uburrow: they take it out with lings, or bane
  • unburrow and leave chunk of bio behind to cover mine: they set up flank and you will lose all of this…
  • or they can use oveerseers also to bait mine shots, very effective! If you don’t have hotkeyed all mines, you won’t be probably able to react every time!
  • run back: they will just chase you and split smaller groups of lings to bait shots, or detonate bane and you will lose mines one by one and they’ll do absolutely nothing. And yet you take friendly fire. Also resieging and splitting mines takes a lot of skill. It is not easy move army like this, than zerg go counter…
  • also at larger groups, they become too hard to manage! And you will have to group some of them ,if you need to move quickly, than you will get huge friendly fire, or they will die to banes!

I also like how economy in TvP is even and Protoss gets ahead couple times. This also doesn’t show, advantage they get, after they fully saturate their third and yours just finished btw… Also many people don’t know, that Terran needs to be slightly ahead in supply to be considered wining, or even. If you are at the same supply as Protoss you are losing! Because Protoss units are more effective! If you check HOTS, Terran would get natural sooner - if Protoss went MSC. Or at the same time and than Terran would usually get slightly faster 3rd, almost at the same time. Or faster 4th to have chance!

Agreed… that is why swarm host, mule and medivac should be removed… free unit destroys the game…