Is the Mengsk bundle with stimpacks gone forever?

Hi guys!

I’ve been poofed for a bunch of months due to burn-out but I tried to look for the Mengsk Bundle for a stimpack to gain some levels, but it seems to be kaput.

Does anybody know if there’s any way to get it, such as by contacting the Game Masters? Also, are any of these Chests in the store of the sort that grant stim packs in Coop?

Many thanks!

Those bundles are sadly temporary, that one’s been gone for a while. Probably will be another with the next commander release.

And no War Chest yet, it and its stimpack have a set duration and they didn’t make one for IEM Katowice. We might get one for the end of the year but we’ll have to see.

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Thank you very much! I feel bad I didn’t catch the Mengsk bundle, but it was totally my fault for not buying it in time.

Thanks again!