Is it worth it to play campaign offline?

Specifically, this is on Bnet’s end (not a general internet outage). Is there a list of all the things we miss out by doing it this way? IIRC…

–Achievements can’t be earned
–Progress won’t be synched on their servers
So you’ll be fine on that PC, but if you login and play campaign on another PC, it won’t know about that progress?

Anything else I’m missing?

You have to save manually … quite a frustrating experience if you’re not used to doing that sort of thing. And it should pickup so long as its the same account

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Only time I played campaign offline was during a cruise when I didn’t have wifi connection.

If it’s fun, then it’s worth doing.

  1. Achievements are just a developer’s way of giving unimaginative players something to do, it’s also an implied declaration of what is and what isn’t impressive, something developers have no place in doing. They ultimately mean nothing as nobody cares how high your achievement score is, other than the extremely remote minority who do care.
  2. You have save files and the game, as far as I have found, has literally no problems with save corruption, so you just don’t require any kind of cloud saving capability.
  3. You’re missing that if the game is fun then you don’t need anything else, just play the game, there’s absolutely nothing more to it. Go have fun man. Unless ofcourse… it isn’t fun, and you’re just here to look like you’re part of something bigger; a trend, but I wouldn’t assume you’re in that camp, you ARE asking about offline Starcraft 2, something Blizzard is allergic to doing nowadays in any way they can, not because piracy, but because control, disrespect for the legitimate user and planned obsolescence allows sequels to get more attention because there’s nothing else to go back to, at least in theory.
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