Is Catalina safe to use?

Anyone upgraded to Cataline and survived?

I’m gonna say no.
Since Catalina - game boots, runs through loading screen. Upon reaching the main menu screen the interface all loads correctly (inc menus and background planet model)… within 1 second, the background flicks to black and a couple of seconds later the game crashes out to blizz crash reporter.
No way to currently play Sc2 on Catalina for me. Done a repair without success.

@Blizz - crash ID: C1BE7BBC-D369-4710-97C3-57868DB71000

Nop, do not upgrade, it will randomly freeze or even crash to restart the mac. If u already at catalina, try opengl render, even though it has really low fps at ultra setting, but it works for me, no crash or freeze since then. (My model is 2018 macbook pro with vega graphic card, hope it may help)

OK, so we had a patch for SC2 and several battlenet app updates… anyone having a GOOD experience on Catalina now?

(I see no updates on the main Catalina thread for the last 4 days)

Seems the initial crash on load is resolved… however it now crashes during gameplay. Will play smooth then a few minutes in will freeze (for about 5 seconds) and recover… then shortly after freezes again and triggers a kernel panic and reboot. Some progress, but not fixed yet.

I am going to say no as well. Game was running poorly up until 10.15.3. Then did a clean install of 10.15.4… game was running fine. Then did the 10.15.5 update yesterday and now the game won’t even launch.

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