Ironic that Karax is considered a defence specialist, but is not good at it?

Karax is known as a static defence specialist commander, but is not even good at that role.

The current Dead of the Night mutation, Karax gets wrecked hard.


  • lacks DPS in defence (especially DPS per space taken)
  • Cannons take up so much space
  • Lacks any constant AOE damage
  • Static defence gets out ranged easily
  • Units are very expensive

What is the point of a static defence specialist commander, when they suck at that role?


Colossi have that covered. They’re a must for this mutation if using Karax.

Not many mutations where Karax excels at period. And many give him a hard time due to his slower build up. Just another example of why they need to at least bump him up to Karax 2.0 level.


typical karax thread.

Conclusion is he needs a buff. But heck, devs are not even alive anymore


Say, what? Did the brutation with Karrax partner who defended the whole base without a sweat. I was able to attack non-stop with Nova.

I do notice that most people forget about colossi, or don’t know that energisers can speed up cannons as well as units.


Because if you knew how to play defensive Karax you would know two things:

  • Can’t fight a horde of infested terrans with photon cannons.
  • You need to burn them with holy fire.

And that requires Colossus.

Put 2~4 shield batteries in the front, 3~5 photon cannons behind, 1 colossus with all upgrades behind cannons, 1~2 energizers below colossus feet, and 1~2 khaydarin monoliths to the sides of the colossus. Pylon is optional (energizers can energize the buildings).

Front entrance can have all the minimum values for what I suggested, the other entrances should have the maximum amount. Don’t forget energy regeneration upgrade. There you go, it will hold against most things, not against Stank though. You will need sentinels to hold it in place and immortals to blow it up.

I also recommend you use Chrono Boost Mastery, because energy cap mastery is mostly useless in this map.

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I met lots of 100 level Karax players who don’t know those facts. Another sad fact that Karax isn’t being loved.

Resource balance with Karax would be a nightmare in that mutation.



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Can confirm. Did the mutation with both a Swann and two Karax allies and Karax underperformed in comparison both times.


How much were you contributing to defense though? Doubt he was doing it all himself. If someone is FULLY committing to defense without destroying any structures, they shouldn’t need much help. I had to spread myself thin trying to support Karax while handling the offense alone. Meanwhile Swann had it covered with just a bit of support on my end to keep it under control.

Karax performes better. Playing Karax+Swann confirmes nothing because there you can’t compare which commander acts better with other commanders as allies. And if you count kills it’s not an effective measure of peformance on this map and this particular mutators set. Nor Karax nor Swann can’t defend everything by himself in this brutation.

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I didn’t say I was playing Swann. I said WITH both a Swann and Karax allies being compared. I also made no statement about kill count, so what are you on about?

Do people forget that his Spear of Adun exists or are just that many Karax players oblivious of how to use it?

Karax can provide instant, heavy fire support to any area on the map with vision that needs it. That’s the strongest tool he has, the cannons and batteries are just extra.

Every single one of your complaints OP, SoA has that covered. AoE, Range, expense, space, AND most importantly Supply. While Swann is my favorite defensive specialist, it’s mostly because of his Siege Tanks which are my favorite Starcraft unit; but those Siege Tanks cost supply. None of Karax’s static defense does.

“Karax is not good at defense”
How noob you have to be to say such a nonsense?


He’s not bad at defense, he just doesnt have the most accessible AoE and thus has a bit of a harder time in the main defense map in co-op. Swann can have tanks out in like 4m. Karax’s best AoE source is over twice as expensive as siege tanks and takes forever to get out.

Especially with this mutation, people expect to lay down some cannons and batteries but that gets walked right over.


Honestly even in a normal game it is painful. Karax’s defenses are expensive, they’ve always been, and it is always a hard commitment. Although he is a defensive commander and good at it, I do find him to be the worst of them, which shouldn’t make sense due to how often he is used for that in mutations.

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It doesn’t help that Shield Battery can’t automatically restore each other’s shield (or Production Building). Otherwise they would make up for a very helpful wall.

I don’t think Choker’s Stun work on massive units. But you have to watch out for Hunterlings’ stun jumps that works on any units.

Hunterling stun stacks but not Shock Divisions? That is unfair…

Just to try it out, I just beat the mutation with Karax.

Shield Batteries and Cannons are all you need for the first night, but it’s probably a good idea just like it always is, to add some Energizers to them. Energizers dramatically increase their rate of fire.

They don’t scale forever and eventually I was making Collosus 2 at a time to defend the later waves, but if you actually go through and research the upgrades for your Cannons, they do just fine on the first night on their own.

The only tricky thing is Spotters (which came in on Night 2). Spotters can wreck Karax because of Pylon power.

But otherwise, even with Terran Nukes, Spotters and Stanks, I still one shot this week with Karax. It wasn’t much more difficult than it was with Swann and easier than it was with Mengsk.

Ok. Karax do better than Swann this week, I can confirm it.

I’m very happy for you.