Interior missions?

I always enjoyed these in campaign mode, but they wouldn’t make as much sense here. Still, thought it’d be fun to suggest some, and if they’d even work out.

COs like Karax, Swann, and Nova would probably just outright destroy the building with their top bars (Orbital Strike, Laser Drill, and Griffin Airstrike respectively), but it could still be fun to miniaturize its effects for the sake of of being inside (I mean, a CC Sc1 is supposed to be 3x4 building space in a regular match, but the interior mission has its size at 128x128 in terms of map size). You could still have Ultras and Brutalisks inside, even though they’re supposed to be the sizes of buildings themselves.

Otherwise, you could have reinforcements just materalize like normal, or force them to come through the front door or “new entrances”.

Don’t try to logic unit and structure sizes! It’s never made any sort of sense.

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I also don’t think we should go the entire opposite direction where we exaggerate it further lol :joy:

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A “Whisper of Oblivion” (Legacy of Void pre-campaign) mission is a base mission within a terran complex, and several purifier missions are in Protoss interior.
The only kind of interior I don’t remember seeing is a 100% Zerg interior. Only infested caverns at best.
But I don’t make maps, so maybe there’s a tileset I don’t know for it. And my memory could fail me too.

My point is that unlike SC1, there’s nothing weird with this kind of mission somehow, campaign has already made it normal even if it doesn’t explain how it work.

Loads 8x leviathan sized Odin, each leviathan canonically being the size of planets, as well as 17 battlecruisers, each canonically 1500-3000 Feet long into a medvac that holds 8 marines. Maybe like the size of a extra large space minivan.

Slaps roof of car. Baby, this space minivan can fit entire planets inside of planets inside of it. Brb, let me go build 12 command centers inside my command center.

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That’s because of the hidden 11th outlaw: The Doctor.

So you’re talking about installation missions? I guess it would be fun but then how will you be handling base building and reinforcements?

Map is split between “inside” and “outside”. On the outside both players build a base that must be defended from attacks with a transition point that units can be sent to which will go inside the facility. On the inside there is objectives that must be met.

Some ideas:

  • perhaps there are total supply limits for what is sent inside
  • perhaps the more you send inside the more insistent the attacks become
  • perhaps it is a 1 way trip and units can’t be brought out again
  • perhaps only ground units can go inside the facility
  • perhaps only units up to 3 or 4 supply can go inside the facility
  • perhaps you can spawn your commanders hero inside the facility even if your commander normally doesn’t have a hero unit

Feel like it would be hard to balance. Could be some cool ideas though.

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Sounds like the last mission of Chaosgate Daemonhunters.

I quite enjoyed “Sky Shield” and “Whisper of Oblivion” from LotV. Both missions retain macro gameplay, and I imagine they could work for Co-op. Pure dungeon crawler would be hard to balance.