Installation Bug

I’m attempting the free SC2 download and it gets to 15% mark and then keep downloading but doesn’t live update the amount left to go unless i stop and start the download again and it never goes past the 15% mark on the bar, after downloading the 27 some gb it stops at 1.33 mb and then sits there for about 15 minutes before telling me there was a data transfer error (BLZBNTAGT000008A4). i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both battle net and sc2 (went in and full wiped both files) Scan and repair bumbs it to 1.45 mb which it downloads back down to 1.33 and repeats the problem. downloading it in the different regions hasn’t helped. i left it about a year ago because of this hoping something would change after i forgot it existed and remembered it again but here i am, at my wits end.
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
(Update, after repeated scans and just trying it again and again it went down to 1.06 but doesn’t seem to be able to go past that using the same method)

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I am having the exact same issue. Did you find anything out?

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no sadly not, still stuck at that last MB

Hey there Clarc and DarkSide8613,

When the download stalls at the last little bit, it is usually due to permissions or a connection problem. Two ideas come to mind that can help get past that bump.

First is to see if creating and switching to a new Administrator Account helps. This sets many settings to defaults and also helps with permission problems, so can be useful to do even if you’re using an admin account already: Creating a New Administrator Account - Blizzard Support

The other idea is try another connection. This is usually just a temporary need with you able to revert back to your normal connection. Many data plans offer hotspot or tethering and using that to test can usually help.

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