I'm trying to cheese but I'm bad

Okay. How Do I cheese as terran properly? I’ve been doing the proxy 3 rax marines thing and the “oh my god its vs protoss” AKA proxy 2 rax marauder.

What else can I do the cheese properly?
Can I thor rush?

Send help. You’re sincerely: ME

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Terran does not lend itself to cheese very well. You have the bunker rush, and maybe some drops. Thor rush is OK, pretty counterable in most cases. To really enjoy cheese in many varieties, consider playing Protoss with many many varieties and flavors of cheese, in all of its glory. In fact, did you know why Protoss is colored yellow…?

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What’s your goal with the cheese? Hit timings? Understand the early game? Macro out of it? Fast wins?
The main thing about cheese is to make it look like a macro build… (scouting SCV coming at the proper timing and so on).

To troll most effectively.
I should explain that when I’m doing these cheeses I’m usually 6 beers down and ready to party.

I never aim for timings unless I’m tryharding or copying maru.

I actually have a replay regarding macro I’d like tips on. I’ll find it and edit this post. Pls watch and tell me why I’m bad senpai.
https :// drop. sc/ replay/13843014

And here I expected full NA… :frowning:
You played way too clean for your attitude…

You switched to widow mines way too late and (because of mass ling/bane/muta/corruptor) you don’t split your army very much as bio gets weaker the bigger the army is.
PiG talks about that in his “build architect” series. (in his case he didn’t have tanks vs. the hydras and you should’ve gotten like 20 widow mines. Just burrow them randomly so zerg runs into them every time you attack somewhere with a small bio force like 1-2 medivacs).
In late-game, blue-flame hellions with smart servos and 3/3 are awesome in combination with nukes and battle cruisers and widow mines.

or something like proxy 3 rax reaper into mass marines & double ebay and a few medivacs and tanks (your usual style).

Edit: VS late-game zerg, just build mass thors and marine/medivac and some vikings. Thors kill everything except lurkers (add tank/liberators with range).
You could also just maxout on tank/thor/hellbat and then more or less a-move.
BC openings are also very strong but doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you have fun.
If you tell me what kind of army comp / style you want to see, I might find it.

That’s awesome.
Also thanks for the writeup! I’ll look in to it way deeper when im sober.

But ghosts delete it? Why not ghosts?

Ghosts can also snipe ultras/broodlords, emp infestors/vipers, snipe overseers and nuke bases, yes. But I like them best as support unit because of banelings.

Like ghosts are extremely bad vs. ling/bane/muta - they’re awesome vs. few big units (one because they can snipe them and 2 because it is easier to sneak by and nuke bases).
VS. infestors, you’ll want a few ghosts and in late-game they are awesome, too.
But the big thing about thors is that they have a lot of hp.
The only good counters to thors are infestors with burrow and neural parasite and lurkers with range so if you go mass thors, be sure to add 2-3 ravens (like 1 at the front and 1-2 as backup to compensate for production time) and a good amount of orbitals for scans.
You’ll want to scan if zerg is attacking you with a suspicously small army.

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when you play terran, you gotta have more than 65 apm. remember that. you’re not playing protoss. you can just a move. you have to micro. sometimes multi-tasking. just keep practticing. one day you may get out of diamond league (probably not with terran though)

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Up until gold 3 you can win on just a 3 rax marine proxy. Once you have 6 marines, micro them and win.

Yeah you don’t need a lot of APM for mass battle cruisers or thor/hellbat.

Look up winters guides. You don’t need high amp to win games at all

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Hey here are a couple cheeses you can try.

Reaper Cheese

Marine Cheese