If you could buff Artanis, what would you do?

I feel that Artanis needs some better units,

Artanis should have

Shield Battery

If you could buff Artanis what would you add?

Nothing, Artanis is fine


I wouldn’t. Artanis is super strong, especially against damage mutations, because Guardian Shell is one of the most powerful passive abilities in the game.

His units are powerful and versatile, especially his Zealots which are up there as one of the best mineral dump units in the game.

He has many different builds for handling all kinds of enemy unit types. If he had a weakness it would be that Dragoons, Immortals, Reavers, Archons and Tempests are all relatively immobile so his army can’t respond to several threats all over the map without suffering casualties first. That can easily be argued to be a trade off for his global top bar, and ability to warp in all of his units.

So if I WAS Going to give him anything, it’d be Arbiters, but I really don’t think he needs it. Cloaking is already Vorazun’s thing anyway.

Artanis is strange in that he performs pretty much the same regardless of what’s thrown at him. So he seems pretty unspectacular when things are going well, but if you ratchet up what he’s up against he doesn’t take much of a hit either.

I’d say his main weakness would be his firepower, but that too works the same due to Guardian Shell. He doesn’t output as much at his peak, but he remains at said peak much longer than other COs.

So if we wanted to give him something to make him perform better, strong offensive unit would likely be a better choice rather than something defensive like a Sentry or Shield Battery.

If I could buff 1 thing on Artanis? I would allow him to put his power field in fog of war and make it so it can recall units within the same radius.


Artanis is fine. Though I won’t mind having his power field top-bar come up with temporary reinforcements that will gradually add-in more with built Templar Archive, Robotics Bay, etc. but in general small in numbers. That way I can use them to delay the enemy while moving my golden turtle army to the fight.

Tbh after playing Artanis for a while and years before it, I start to consider the lack of mobility as one of the commander’s features.

Artanis is fine.

Artanis is the best commander out of 3 initial commanders and one of the best Commander as a whole for many reasons. The best reason is Guardian Shields. It has amazing synergy with all commanders, super useful against mutations and saves your units from critical situations.
Besides others commanders have those units and buildings, no need to overlap with each other.

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Well, Arbiters can be used for mass recall though, thus fix his main weakness, mobility.

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That’s what he implied…

One very nice QoL change would be vision over where the powerfield is placed, even if it’s only a small radius in the center of it. My only concern is it could be used to exploit things like laser drill: just slap it on an objective and nothing can stop the chip damage (then again, Zeratul observers exist so eh).

I do wish tempests were more impressive. They feel so garbage compared to anything dragoon/HT related. If auto attacks applied disintegration once researched, that would be nice.

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Honestly? I’d give his Immortals a hardened shield upgrade (plus a Fury-style attack speed boost where every time they shoot, they shoot faster). This would combo pretty well with, say, high templar, and make immortals truly live up to their name. Plus the attack speed increases would allow them to become DPS monstrosities as they stay in the fight.

Buff Tempests. Increase Air to Air range to match Air to Ground range, make Disintegration deal damage quicker, increase attack speed. Or maybe reduce cost to 275/175 at least.


If anything id double the energy regen on his Archons cause morphing 2 Templars always kinda hurts cause you’ll miss out on storms later on, but i think he’s totally fine…

Also who needs mobility when you can warp in 6 storms for 300 gas everywhere on the map? (warp in 2 HT, cast 4 storms, use guardian shell time to morph into Archon, storm twice again…clean up)


Make the slug bois just a little bit better. Probably faster Scarab production.


If you ask me Artanis already does very well has he has one of the best passives in teh game and his shield overcharge being to rewarding to properly use, also everyone enjoys Artanis as ally.

But for the sake of this thread, just straight up add Arbiters, they would bring the old school zealot+dragoon+arbiter strat that was used vs turtle players, not even because of the cloak, but the lockdown on dangerous units and recall, this would make so that you could have far more tools to deal with hard mutations and zealot draggon actually be okay against their counters.

Only one. I like to buff the phoenix, they felt a little underpower reduce gas cost and add mineral cost so they become air expendable zelots

Why do you feel that?

Artanis’s current unit roster is relatively lackluster in the DPS department compared to equivalents from other commanders. His zealots are incredibly strong, yes, and dragoons and reavers are solid; but other commanders have the ability to outdamage these units, or have something special about their counterparts that make them worth using.
His immortals are a plain joke, as are phoenixes, and tempests are just mediocre.

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Shield batteries would be welcome without unbalancing anything.

It would also allow for some different strategies, so I’d like to see Arbiters as well.

Sentries with shield healing would be even more good. Plz don’t tell “Zeratul already has that”. I personally think that every stalker of other commanders should have auto-blink as Zeratul too. And more stalkers to god of stalkers - give purifier stalkers to Karax. And no - it won’t be op.

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