I would like to thank you again

For all the campaigns , I must have replayed Wings of Liberty over 15 times by now, Heart of the swarm and legacy of the void perhaps 10 times and starcraft 1 as well + the fantastic fan project Starcraft Mass Recall.
This game has brought me joy over the years and I got attached to the story and their characters on top of them Zeratul my beloved protoss.

Conversations are awesome, inspiring , funny and well written with style that enrich language.

Visuals , graphics , easter eags reflect great art work​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

Music tracks especially of Legacy of the void give me tinglings, cinematics & cut scenes , everything
is so fantastic despite being imperfect to everyone’s tastes and ambitions but can anyone on earth achieve perfection !
Thank you Blizzard , Thank you every single team member who contributed to these products.

I hope what we have will not be the last


Hear, hear!

I’d like to see more missions packs that follow the antics of other SC2 characters.


I am waiting too , they can release mission packs that delve into the past of the series until they figure out what should happen in the future , the past of lore is so rich and can comprise a decent amount of campaigns and story telling

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