I am so sorry i didn't know

Banes were never buffed since patch 0.8 in WoL:


Apparently banes were soo underpowered this whole time!!! I am so sorry, i didn’t know…

So apparently Blizzard fixed banes in LOTV, every Terran who won before - got his champion title removed and he had to pay back all prize money, otherwise he would get sent to siberia labor camp!!!

In LOTV tanks do same damage to banes:

  • single target: kill them on 1 shot
  • AoE: kill them on 2 shots

Also mines got severely nerfed, you can see when they are about fire, so they are more easily dodged and they are not invisible by default, so 1/1 timing with mines doesn’t work anymore!

There is nothing else if you play BIO, which would got buffed vs ling/bane. Huh but i guess banes were underpowered this whole time yikes!

On top of that supply depot building time got nerfed from 18 to 21 and MULE from 240-270 to 225! And yet because less mineral patches, you can break your mineral line if:

  1. you mule wrong patch
  2. you mule same patch multiple times

So Terrans have to remember exactly how many times they MULES each patch and they have to send 90% of their MULES of mineral line, before they expire, otherwise they will cripple their economy. While Zerg will queue injects 10 minute ahead in the game and play MOBA for rest of the game… But i guess Terran is easiest race and they can just a-move stim bio to victory vs 50 banes…

Also because Terran is race, which is expanding at slowest rate. They will be stucked on least bases. So if you send 24+ banes to kill a pf, Terrans will be stuck on less than 3 mining bases and won’t have income! Or if you send runby, because Terran has least bases and his minerals dry out sooner, there is less comeback potential!

But obviously, every Terran is patch Terran and only whines… So thank you Blizzard for buffing banes, they were so underpowered this whole time, no Terran deserved to win everything. Apparently every pro Terran was patch Terran. And until LOTV there was only 1 race in the game - Terran.

I would like to apologize, i didn’t know…

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Username checks out.

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Lol, Velitey mad as always.