I am a new player can you give me some tips on terran?

I just want some tips in vs and maybe 4v4.

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terran is a try hard race so if u wanna have fun protoss is the way to go
but if u really want to play terran then u can go to yt and search some build order it can help u with the game or u can play vs ai or campaign to try to understand how each unit work.press f10 and press help u will find information there about which unit is better against which unit or smth like that.

the micro and macro u gonna practice urself i cant help anything about that

(4v4 takes a long time to find game so idont recommend it 2v2 are better)
team games are mostly about communcation

(very sorry for my bad explanation lol)

ps dont mald when u playing terran

Here are some tips I think you will find very helpful:

  1. Don’t play the weakest race.

  2. Don’t play sc2 ever again, ever, dead game.


At least play against a bot AI, until you are capable of beating bots as (Harder AI) mode.
Do not focus so much about winning. You need to start getting used to the hotkeys, control groups, and strengths/weaknesses.

For now, go to teamliquid website, copy a build and use it over and over until you’ve mastered it. There are many Order timings for you to follow. Once you’ve gotten the hang of that, try another build order. Then try another race, you need to understand how all 3 races work. None are more powerful than other.

For now, use bunkers. They are very beginner friendly building concepts. At times, totally underrated and overpowered. Many people will say otherwise, but Bunkers are truly the biggest bs crap, and no one knows why it will not be nerfed.

Dont worry about APM.
At bronze rank, focus on getting used to how SC2 works.
Silver rank, try builds and hone it.
Gold Rank, start watching sc2 youtubers and see what they do. Also watching pro games will help you alot.
Platinum, you are on your journey, it’s all up to you, and how far you wanna go.

Im not the best but:
Attack is better defense.
Don’t surrender even when others would to.
Time is most valued resource.
Terran vs zerg must close the main ramp because of the fastest rush.
Terran vs protoss must close the main ramp because of the most powerful rush.
Terran vs terran is not as important to close the main ramp as vs zerg and protoss.
Scout with the first reaper.
Accomplish achievements in WoL campaign.
Watch your replays and figure how opponent beat you.
Have fun, try everything, steal good strategies.
Learn to master micro but remember macro.
Play also as zerg and protoss for knowing the enemy.

I started playing 4 months ago. Not laddering yet but can beat harder AI w Terran or Zerg. My take as a newbie for Terran is just focus on basic units like marine/ medivac. And try playing arcade mode too every once in a while to change it up.

keybind all your scv’s to pull from to build… use shift click to rally them back to minerals after they do the thing.

bind air and mech production to the same key, use tab to pick which to build with. helps with rally points too.

learn to use medivacs to transport widow mines and thors.

plan to build ghosts and nukes as an alternative to spamming battle cruisers.

learn to micro ghosts while attacking with armies.