I am a new player can you give me some tips on terran?

I just want some tips in vs and maybe 4v4.

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terran is a try hard race so if u wanna have fun protoss is the way to go
but if u really want to play terran then u can go to yt and search some build order it can help u with the game or u can play vs ai or campaign to try to understand how each unit work.press f10 and press help u will find information there about which unit is better against which unit or smth like that.

the micro and macro u gonna practice urself i cant help anything about that

(4v4 takes a long time to find game so idont recommend it 2v2 are better)
team games are mostly about communcation

(very sorry for my bad explanation lol)

ps dont mald when u playing terran

Here are some tips I think you will find very helpful:

  1. Don’t play the weakest race.

  2. Don’t play sc2 ever again, ever, dead game.

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