Hyperion cantina bug

I encountered a bug in the cantina of the Hyperion. I just finished the last mission of the colonist story-line. ( I chose the mission in wich you protect them, if it makes any difference.) I still have to bring the adjutant to the mercenaries and I have to steal the Terrazin from the Taldarim. After the mission I played one round of the “Lost Viking” acarde-game and failed. After that the caracters and the buttons to switch to the lab ect. were gone and three spheres of missing texture appeared in the room. I have taken a picture, but Im too stupid to put it in here. I dont know if this changes anything, but this is not the first playthrough.

A detail from me:
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Does the bug reappear after restarting the game?

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It disappears after exiting and reentring the campain. It didnt return since. Im sorry it took so long to reply. After posting the report I went straight to bed .

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I dont know if this works, but I tried uploading the picture. It should be here: